KPTL delivers strong performance with robust growth and an all-time high  Order book 

Standalone Revenue growth of 10% YoY with EBITDA margin of ~9% for  Q3 FY23 

YTD Order Inflows at ₹19,487 Crores; Highest Ever Order Book including  L1 of ₹46,642 Crores  


∙ Merger of JMC Projects (India) Ltd. with KPTL completed 

o The record date for allotment of shares was 11th January 2023, newly issued shares listed  

on 1st February 2023 

∙ Standalone revenue growth led by strong execution and a healthy order book in B&F,  

Water, Urban Infra and International business 

∙ Standalone and consolidated EBITDA margin stable despite continuing cost pressures  

and volatile external environment  

∙ Record order inflows across T&D, B&F, Water & Urban Infra business; Secured orders of  

₹19,487 Crores till date in FY23 

∙ Order Book at all-time high of ₹41,442 Crores as on 31 Dec 2022; Additional L1 position  

of Rs. 5,200 Crores

Note- Pursuant to the Scheme of Amalgamation (Appointed date 1st April 2022), standalone results represent the combined standalone financials of erstwhile JMC and KPTL 

Mumbai | Thursday, 9 February 2023 | Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL), a leading global  infrastructure EPC company, announced its results today for the third quarter and the Nine Months ended  31st December, 2022. 


∙ Revenue at ₹3,509 crores in Q3 FY23 compared to ₹3,196 crores in Q3 FY22, growth of 10% YoY ∙ EBITDA at ₹307 crores in Q3 FY23 compared to ₹290 crores in Q3 FY22, growth of 6% YoY 

∙ EBITDA margin at 8.7% 

∙ PBT (before exceptional) at ₹166 crores with a margin of 4.7% 

∙ Reported PAT at ₹111 crores, with a margin of 3.2% 

∙ Net Debt as on 31st December 2022 at ₹2,053 crores 


∙ Revenue at ₹ 9,941 crores, grew by 12% YoY 

∙ EBITDA grew by 10% at ₹ 853 crores in Q3 FY23; EBITDA margin at 8.6%  

∙ PBT (before exceptional) at ₹ 520 crores, up by 12% YoY, with a margin of 5.2% 

∙ Reported PAT at ₹ 379 crores, up by 84% YoY 

∙ Order Book as on 31st December 2022 at ₹ 41,442 crores (including LMG and Fasttel) 

∙ Received new orders (including LMG & Fasttel) of ₹ 19,487 Crores for YTD FY23 


∙ Revenue at ₹4,004 crores, up 3% YoY 

∙ EBITDA at ₹376 crores, growth of 4% YoY; EBITDA margin at 9.4% 

∙ PBT (before exceptional) stood at ₹161 crores with a margin of 4.0% 

∙ Reported PAT stood at ₹109 crores 

∙ Net Debt as on 31st December 2022 at ₹2,896 crores 


∙ Revenue at ₹11,479 crores, grew by 8% YoY 

∙ EBITDA increased by 8% at ₹1,041 crores; EBITDA margin at 9.1% 

∙ PBT (before exceptional) at ₹450 crores, with a margin of 3.9%  

∙ Reported PAT stood at ₹295 crores, with a margin of 2.6% 

∙ Revenue of LMG (Sweden) of ₹801 Crores and Fasttel (Brazil) of ₹316 Crores in 9M FY23 

Management Comments  

Commenting on the results, Mr. Manish Mohnot, MD & CEO, KPTL said:  

“This has been a period of focusing on our positioning for the future as we consummate the merger of JMC with  KPTL. The merger strengthens our business model and sets us strong to reap the benefits of global energy transition  and infrastructure development in India and international markets. We are uniquely placed given our differentiated  civil-engineering-led capabilities, international presence and healthy balance sheet to accelerate profitable growth.  We have delivered a good performance in the quarter underpinned by strong operational execution despite the  continued cost pressure and macro headwinds. An EBITDA margin of 9% range, demonstrates the strength of our  profitable growth-led execution business model. 

Our T&D (international), Water, B&F and Urban Infra business are seeing robust traction, as our order wins are at a  record high. We continue to progress on improving our working capital intensity, speedier project closures and divesting  non-core assets in order to further optimise our debt levels”. 

About Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL) 

KPTL is one of the largest specialized EPC companies engaged in Power Transmission & Distribution, Buildings &  Factories, Water Supply & Irrigation, Railways, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Urban Mobility (Flyovers & Metro Rail), Highways  and Airports. KPTL is currently executing projects in over 30 countries and has a global footprint in 68 countries. KPTL  has maintained a leadership position in all its major businesses backed by strong organisational capabilities, superior  technical know-how, and adherence to best-in-class sustainability standards.

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