Demand for Smart Home Security Products Set to Surge, Says UAE Home Maintenance Specialist

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Dubai-based innovative and technology-driven home maintenance specialist Hitches & Glitches (H&G), part of the Farnek Group, is forecasting a surge in demand for smart home security products.

Burglar Breaking into a House


Demand is soaring for smart home security gadgets, as improved technology has made devices easier to use and more affordable, especially those with remote options for when homeowners are away from home, for any length of time,” commented Zohaib Azhar, Head of Operations at Hitches & Glitches.


And it is that increase in overseas travel by UAE residents that has been the key driver in the recent past, which will inevitably grow still further in 2023,” he added.


Over the next seven months, besides annual leave, business trips and adhoc weekend getaways, there will be over 80 days of national and school holidays coming up, meaning potentially, residents could be spending a considerable amount of time away from their UAE home.


According to Azhar, there are two main types of burglars, the opportunist and the so called professional, a thief that specifically plans to break into a home.


Deterring an opportunist can be relatively straightforward, by ensuring all doors and windows are firmly shut and locked and that valuables are kept out of sight.”


More determined burglars will specifically target properties that appear unoccupied and or have little or no visible security features and therefore easier to break into,” he added.


To help combat criminals, in 2018 H&G teamed up with smart home security company Ring, which has a number of award-winning products including the Floodlight Cam, the first motion-activated security camera with two-way talk, built in floodlights and a siren; the Chime Pro, HD camera; the Spotlight Cam Wired solution and two models of the award-winning Video Doorbell.


These products are particularly effective in open community developments, but even in gated communities, once inside, it is impossible for security to track the movements of all visitors, which makes smart security products ideal to detect motion and raise the alarm, complementing the community’s security services.”


Moreover, residents in Dubai for example, have seen the city grow rapidly and to a degree, it is still a transient population, which results in many residents not necessarily having a close relationship with their neighbours, or being in close proximity to other family members, Therefore, suspicious activity can sometimes go unnoticed,” he added.


Although the majority of the increased demand is for villas, H&G is now receiving enquires for commercial offices in some of Dubai’s free zones as well as residential apartments.


Depending on the type of property, customers can buy product bundles through H&G online store with the added convenience of installation, ongoing maintenance and relocation, providing a seamless, comprehensive service,” said Ahzar.


The most popular product in Ring’s portfolio is its Video Doorbell Elite which allows residents to answer their door from anywhere in the world, via a two-way voice call and one-way live streaming of any visitor, through their smartphone app or laptop.


If any suspicious movement is captured by the Ring camera, a notification is sent and the user has the option to contact Dubai Police via their Home Safety Programme, who will dispatch an officer to check on the property, affording peace of mind 24/7.


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