Activity-based learning’s importance in contemporary schooling

contemporary schooling

A more global and rapid learning strategy is being developed every day. A system that makes use of technology to influence education is considered modern. In the technological age, modern teaching tools are both very significant and highly preferred. The increasing amount of digital information that surrounds us and the incorporation of applied sciences into learning environments have had an impact on both teacher-led instruction and student learning.

According to Manish Kumar, Director, Learning Path, “A successful adult is not only produced by a child who has devoured books, but also by one who has also learned significant social and emotional lessons. These lessons give him or her digital decision-making abilities, the capacity to collaborate with others, and a self-awareness. In order to lay the groundwork for these students to develop into capable adults who are prepared to realise their dreams, learning environments at the best matriculation schools in Chennai can play a significant role by encouraging students to integrate social-emotional learning into their daily lessons.”

It is possible to successfully use activity-based learning to enhance both teaching and learning. Teaching a large number of pupils, each with a particular personality, set of skills, and learning preferences, is one of the biggest problems an educator has. Students expect a lot from everything digital, and to maintain their interest in learning, they want a variety of activities, prizes, surprises, and humour. Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges and problems is how to keep students’ interest and involve them in the learning process.

Manish Kumar further added, “Memorization and retaining information are insufficient for learning. Students won’t learn any information or skills from this type of learning procedure, but they will grasp how to apply knowledge and abilities to solve problems in the real world with the aid of efficient learning methods. Through an activity-based learning method, they acquire knowledge and abilities while actively participating in their work.”

Important learning activities can be implemented using based learning that is well planned to increase learning effectiveness. For instance, a well-designed educational game may incorporate both the entertaining, finished product of a commercial game and the educational system’s learning objectives. For instance, a game may be created expressly with the intention of educating the youngster, which would greatly encourage self-learning and problem-solving abilities.

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