WishCare introduced the most unique body lotion range to address your body’s skin concerns


Don’t Just Moisturize, “Moisturize & Treat”

New Delhi, October 27th, 2022: WishCare, a leading personal care brand, has introduced a new range of body lotions this winter. The new body lotion range is a trendsetter in the body care segment and captures the market’s evolution from the facial skin care market to more holistic skin care including the entire body’s skin. 

There is a demand for effective body care which can treat long term body concerns like strawberry legs, body/back acne, keratosis pilaris, body pigmentation, saggy skin, etc., as people have realised body skin is as important as facial skin. WishCare’s new range is available in four variants (Multi-Vitamin Body Lotion, AHA + BHA Body Lotion, Collagen Retinol Body Lotion, Sunscreen Body Lotion). These are all carefully crafted with a non-sticky formulation that channels the goodness of actives leaving back a satin finish on a customer’s body with long-lasting moisturisation, nourishment, and treated skin.

The new launch is being unveiled with an exciting one-of-its-kind, unique formulation. This range of serum body lotions is non-comedogenic and enriched with five non-oily moisturizers. The unique formulation of each WishCare body lotion is a researched and proven-way to treat body concerns like textured strawberry skin, pigmented knees, and neck. Furthermore also cure aging, saggy skin, skin dehydration, flakiness, and sun protection for the body.

The products made available at an introductory price of Rs 499, are offered in multiple variants:

About WishCare-

Founded in 2019, WishCare produces effective and sustainable products related to skincare and hair care. Every product from WishCare is made from toxic-free ingredients and natural actives, resulting in pure and effective formulas that are capable of showing tangible results in a short period of time. This fast-growing brand believes in three core pillars of sustainability — Clean Formulas(safe and effective ingredients), Conscious (Vegan, Cruelty Free, using recyclable packaging material) and Caring Social initiatives(Girl Child Education).

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