PredOmix Health-Tech Startup Unveils A New Brand Identity

PredOmix Health

New Delhi, October,18,2022: PredOmix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a Gurugram based health tech startup in cancer diagnostics has announced the launch of a new corporate brand identity. With this strategic development aimed at providing a refreshed branding, the company hopes to achieve an indomitable position in the health tech sector.

The new brand identity is a modern interpretation of the company’s classic ‘P’ insignia that integrates their functionality of delivering multi-dimensional preventive services in early stage cancer diagnosis through leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. The rebranding embraces the colors crimson red, which represents the company’s passion, courage, and innovation, and platinum, which symbolizes strength and everlasting endurance that is faced by cancer patients. The loop signifies the company’s  vision to serve the global population. In its corporate branding, the lavender color indicates their pledge to support all types of cancer patients.

Commenting on the development Dr. Kanury Rao, Co-founder and CSO, PredOmix said, “With an aim to establish a distinctive brand identity, extensive research was formulated. Our ambition was primarily to have a logo that resonates with our core principals as we embark on a journey propelled by innovations. This rebranding is centered on the rapid growth and expansion plans of the company”.

About PredOmix: 

PredOmix is a leading innovative firm developing cutting-edge cancer detection tools that would reduce cancer mortality and treatment costs. The firm is well-known for its breakthrough approaches as well as delivering a revolutionary change in cancer screening by providing cost-effective solutions to enhance clinical outcomes and quality of life, hence lowering fatalities by detecting cancer at a very early stage when it is curable. The company has joined the fight against cancer with its current flagship product for women-specific cancers, the OncoVeryx-F test, a game-changing tool in cancer diagnosis.

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