Genes2Me Launches Rapi-Q-Point of Care RT PCR for Several Samples


National, October 11th, 2022: Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading diagnostic laboratories in India, has announced the launch of its Rapi-Q- Point of Care RT PCR solution for 1-8 samples, which is easy to use and gives faster results in less than 45 minutes. Backed by a powerful software analysis function, this CE-IVD marked POC solution delivers superior performance, high sensitivity, and stable detection. 

Rapi-Q point of care RT PCR has been approved by ICMR after stringent quality checks. This small, light, and easy-to-carry system can process upto 8 samples in a single run. Rapi-Q is ideal for detecting several diseases, including tuberculosis, HPV, 3H (HIV, HCV & HBV), tropical Fever & respiratory ailments.

Genes2Me Founder and CEO, Mr Neeraj Gupta says, “Rapi-Q is the choice of care for hospitals, blood banks, health clinics, research laboratories, and airports. Today, large volumes of samples need to be tested in clinical laboratories; thus, it takes a long time for results to be interpreted. We understood the need for point-of-care testing so that tests could be performed at the patient’s location and beyond the laboratories. The test provides much faster access to accurate test results for several diseases at once, allowing for more rapid clinical decision-making and more-appropriate treatments and interventions. In addition, Rapi-Q can help minimize time-dependent changes in samples which can be caused due to delays in the transport of samples to the clinical laboratory. Also, since it tests up to 8 samples at once and has a long service life, the test is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly”.

Rapi-Q comprises an eight-well block design with four fluorescent channels. It can perform singleplex and multiplex for qualitative/ quantitative analysis, melting curve analysis, genotyping, etc. Since it is lightweight (less than 3 kg), it can be easily installed in places of mass testing. The test offers high sensitivity, accuracy and top-notch performance detecting various diseases. It is also compatible with 50+ lyophilized room temperature stable disease detection kits. This system provides automated analysis, interpretation and reports.

The Genes2Me Rapi-Q point of care RTPCR system provides a convenient format for highly sensitive and specific diseases. Because of its portability and evaluation of several samples at once, Rapi-Q can become a game changer in detecting infectious diseases in remote or resource-limited areas that do not have access to diagnostic labs.

Genes2Me is a world-class diagnostic company, working tirelessly to provide people with first-rate health-care services. The leading molecular diagnostic company has evolved by becoming India’s largest manufacturer of premium quality IVD kits with the quickest turnaround time. It has provided point of care kits for Covid-19, Tuberculosis, vector borne detection, infectious diseases, genetic disorders, HPV detection, respiratory diseases and more. These RAPi-Q HT kits are reliable, credible, accurate, and consistently deliver excellent results. This revolutionary point-of-care device RT PCR system for several samples and diseases can enhance healthcare quality and efficiency.

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