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The Master of Business Administration (MBA), a master’s degree with widespread recognition, helps students develop the abilities necessary for management and business roles. However, the benefits of an MBA are not just restricted to the commercial sector. Managerial jobs in the public sector and non-profit organizations, can be procured from an MBA. A comprehensive MBA degree might result in a significant pay increase and a significantly escalated professional network.

Management students at Manav Rachna

Individuals who hold an MBA from top business schools may find it easier to enter numerous industries that are incredibly competitive, in comparison to those without an MBA degree. Regardless of the sector of your career, you can definitely profit from an MBA. Given the time and money required, some might question whether getting an MBA is worthwhile. For individuals who wish to engage in the management sector, with financial institutions, or as entrepreneurs, a degree in MBA can assist to develop the leadership qualities necessary to thrive in these fields.

Completing an MBA programme shows a dedication to acquiring, honing, and using talents that can help businesses prosper. Moreover, individuals with MBAs are more assured of their market potential and the depth of knowledge they can contribute to various pursuits is immensely valuable. Few of the benefits of getting an MBA degree are:

1. Larger Understanding of the Global Market: With an MBA degree, one can interact with students and professionals from around the world with various backgrounds and experiences in the global economy. MBA students can broaden their knowledge in addition to receiving guidance from experts.

2. Development of Effective Communication: Successful professionals must possess the core talent of effective communication. An MBA can help students improve their written and oral communicative skills, enabling them to convey concepts to people at different organisational levels successfully, and ensure that everyone can interact in pursuit of a common objective.

3. Strengthens Professional Network: By getting an MBA, one joins a community of students and professionals worldwide, offering exposure to reputable and knowledgeable individuals who might not have otherwise had the opportunity. Learners will have the chance to communicate with other specialists both within and outside of the course and join a larger community.

4. Improved Workforce: An MBA degree might help students stand out from their competitors in a highly competitive employment landscape. It can help areas, such as the energy, consumer goods, and start-up sectors. Due to their expertise in marketing and finance, which other company staff may not have, employers frequently seek to hire or promote candidates with MBAs. As a result, individuals may undertake several initiatives swiftly and contribute to the economic success of their organization.

If one wants to start a global career with various prospects, earning an MBA is one of the best choices. The professional resume will instantly gain credibility after having an MBA, in addition to having access to a wide range of prospects on a global scale. But this can only be done by enrolling in one of India’s top management universities for an MBA. One such academic institution offering a Master’s in Business Administration is Manav Rachna.

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS), a NAAC-accredited institution with an “A” grade, offers MBA under the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). Numerous organizations and academic bodies like NIRF-MHRD, NHRDN, TOI, Business India, Business Today, and India Today have listed FMS as one of the top management institutes in the country. It has also been ranked the No. 1 Prominent B-School of India by the Competition Success Review 2021. The two-year MBA programme at Manav Rachna is a multimodular comprehensive management program with a leadership curriculum created to turn individuals into leaders who can implement technology-driven approaches for corporate growth. The Management Program combines the rigour and reputation of the top MBA programmes worldwide with focused, individualised attention and unmatched results.

FMS MRIIRS aspires to cater for students with a comprehensive education by providing the proper balance of industry and academic exposure. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral-level courses in management. Manav Rachna, adding to the conventional MBA courses, offers dual specializations in varied sectors. With this dual specialization, students can now specialize in two fields, and further benefit academically, professionally, and economically. The dual specializations offered at Manav Rachna are Finance, Marketing, Human Resource & Organizational Behavior, International Business, Management Information Systems, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, Business Analytics, Event & Media and Operation Management, Banking and Insurance Management, Aviation Management, Healthcare Management & Waste Management.

The 4-tier mentoring program (peer/ industry/ faculty/ alumni) prepares students to be both ‘mentees’ and ‘mentors’. To accelerate industry interaction, students are given an opportunity to work on more than 120+ case studies. Industry veterans also interact with the students of Manav Rachna under the ‘CEO Talk’ and ‘Countdown to Corporate Careers’ series. Courses on Professional Competency are delivered in the mode of a Finishing School, along with a plethora of student-centric activities, including outbound experiential trips. Students are given an option to choose courses from a wide array of platforms such as Coursera, UGC’s SWAYAM, edX etc. to encourage interdisciplinary learning.

In addition to MBA Dual Specialization, Manav Rachna also offers an MBA in Business Analytics – a programme associated with The Institute of Analytics (IoA), UK. This programme has been specifically created to meet the needs of the existing and future industries. It strongly emphasizes the theoretical and practical knowledge of numerous analytical domains. Students learn to use analytical tools, address current business issues and make futuristic data-driven choices.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, a shift in the educational trend has been observed. Manav Rachna has consistently tried to stay one step ahead of the trend and satisfy current needs. Understanding the need of the hour, Manav Rachna has established Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education (MRCDOE). The institution aims to provide students with a distinctive educational atmosphere with flexible and extensive online learning opportunities. This Centre for Distance and Online Learning offers seven professional courses, including a Master of Business Administration program. The centre has collaborated with reputable industry partners to provide students with global employment chances and prepare them for today’s technologically sensitive needs.

As placements are one of the crucial parts of a student’s educational journey, Manav Rachna offers incredible placement opportunities to its MBA students and houses a powerful Corporate Relations and Career Management Centre. All students are assisted with the campus placement procedure for internships and placements. Along with guiding students in making intelligent career choices, the Corporate Relations and Career Management Centre also helps recruiters make effective hiring decisions.

Each year, more than 100 organizations arrive at the institution. KPMG, Bharti Airtel, American Express, 99acres.com, Info edge, Zomato, Hindustan Times (HT), Eli Research, Grofers, Naukri.com, and numerous others are among the top recruiters of MBA students at Manav Rachna.

Manav Rachna firmly stands to offer the best educational experience for students enrolled in MBA that is both academically excellent and research-oriented. Manav Rachna is a name to reckon with and is among the best choices for those who want to experience a rich academic environment and industry exposure.

Manav Rachna offers up to 100% Scholarship on the basis of scores in MRNAT/CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/CMAT/Qualifying Examination. Along with the scholarship, students are given financial assistance wherein they can take education loans from leading banks.

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