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From financial organizations to day-to-day investors, more and more individuals are interested in cryptocurrency. There is an abundance of cryptocurrencies, and the way to access these is through crypto exchanges, where users can buy, sell and store their crypto. Hotbit is a leading platform for determining the best crypto exchanges and is the most versatile trading cryptocurrency company. At Hotbit, you can buy and trade crypto, and an accurate digital marketplace where you can buy and trade crypto. Hotbit is the crypto exchange platform you may be most familiar with if you’re just now getting interested in crypto. Considering the ample opportunities from crypto trading, you need to have the right platform, and Hotbit is the best choice.

This is Why Should We Use Hotbit Cryptocurrency Exchange

Launched in 2018, Hotbit is known for its easy-to-use interface and is widely trusted because of its security. The fast transaction, trading interface, high liquidity, multi-lingual support, robust KYC verification system, and state-of-the-art security technology are all under one umbrella. Hotbit provides its users with a platform to trade, manage, track, and analyze digital assets. The main aim is to make crypto trading easier for ordinary people.

Hotbit stands out for its impressive charting features, trading pairs, trading fees, deposit methods, security, ease of use, and customer support. This cryptocurrency exchange platform has partnered with renowned blockchains technology industry partners like Spark Pool, Mytoken, F2pool, HashQuark, and Slow Mist to offer traders and investors a secure, stable, and feature-rich trading environment. Since its blastoff in 2018, this cryptocurrency trading platform has accumulated more than 7 million active users registered on the platform from over 210 countries.

The Best In Class Features

Hotbit is one of the biggest and fastest-growing exchanges worldwide in terms of the daily trading volume. This platform can be contemplated if the trader is interested in trading various altcoins. One of the most beneficial features of this exchange platform is that they list the tokens immediately. Hotbit offers multi-currency support, a reasonable trading fee, and high security.

Hotbit, the multifaceted exchange platform, allows users to provide two-factor authentication to shield their assets and trade. The platform allows its users to execute a trade using more than 200 crypto assets. The users can trade with ETFs using cryptocurrencies. This exchange platform offers an array of coins combined with trading pairs with many altcoins, several trading pairs with DeFi tokens, and unique coins.

The Idiosyncratic Identity

Hotbit investment, also known as Hotbank, is Hotbit Group’s division and a top crypto asset management platform undertaken in 2018. Hotbit constitutes a team of more than 30 skilled and experienced professionals who seek to deliver improved quality investment services to all customers across the globe. Hotbit endeavors to give back to its customers by offering the industry’s top rates, better than its competitors on recognized assets such as BTC, USDT, and ETH.

An exclusive benefit is offered to VIP users at Hotbit. They enjoy exclusive privileges such as a customized crypto asset management program, a mining fund, and lower and exclusive trading fees rates. Hotbit possesses different trading fees for takers and makers, a criterion in today’s trading business. Hotbit has more than USD 100 million as a daily trading volume. The platform offers a mobile trading app available both on iOS and Android. Hotbit has initiated an invitation rebate function. Here users can bring on their friends to register for an Hotbit account and receive a double commission. Exchange-Traded Funds at Hotbit is an output that takes up financial debt to improve the retrievals of a particular token. It aims for a 5:1 ratio. For instance, if a particular token rises by 1%, the leveraged ETF of 5x rises by 5%.

The Fluidness of Hotbit

Hotbit centralizes on the world’s most developing markets like Japan, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, and Turkey. The platform obtains most of its users accumulated through telegram, Twitter, WeChat, Facebook, and VK. Hotbit has been thriving without a bond.

In 2018, according to Coinmarketcap, Hotbit ranked at 47 with the highest 24-hour trading volume, which was USD 21 million. In November 2019, Hotbit moved up to its last year’s ranking at 13, and its 24-hour trading volume was 1.0 billion USD. During the pandemic, Hotbit ranked 6th, and the trading volume went up to 2.3 billion USD exhibiting that there is no problem with the high liquidity of this exchange.

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