World Stroke Day

October 29th 2022 – World Stroke Day 


Stroke is a medical emergency caused either by sudden cut off of blood supply (and therefore oxygen supply) to a part of brainresulting in rapid death of brain cells, which can be irreversible if not intervened in time.

It can happen due to :

  1. Block in the blood carrying tubes (ischemic stroke) or 
  2. Tear or rupture of the tubes carrying blood (brain hemorrhage) 

Time lost is Brain lost. Hence, it is important to recognize the symptoms of stroke andreach / call emergency medical services in timeto reduce the risk of disability from stroke.

Stroke affects the heartStroke affects the brain 
Stroke affects the elderly population onlyStroke can affect any age group, although it is common beyond 60 years of age
Strokes can be treated at any hospitalAlthough minor strokes can be treated at any hospital, major strokes can be treated only in advanced centres referred to as Comprehensive Stroke Centres
Medications are the only solution for stroke treatment.Like a heart attack, major strokes need to be treated with endovascular procedures in addition to medial therapy for better outcomes.
Golden hour for stroke treatment is 4.5 hoursSome patients benefit from endovascular therapy upto 24 hours from the onset of stroke guided by advanced imaging modalities.
Stroke treatment ends with in hospital care.Stroke rehabilitation is an important component of optimal recovery.
Stroke symptoms (listed above) always favor stroke.Conditions like low blood sugar, extreme anxiety, seizure (fits), vertigo, Bells palsy, migraine can mimic stroke.

Risk of developing stroke can be mitigated by adhering to three simple steps:

1. Quit / Limit – Smoking, Alcohol, Junk food.

2. Control – Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Obesity, Lipids

3. Cultivate – Physical activity, Sound Sleep.

Stroke treatment and outcomes have improved significantly with the recent advances in imaging techniques, endovascular therapy, artificial intelligence and development of comprehensive stroke centres.

On the occasion of World Stroke Day, let us take a pledge to 

1. Screen and REDUCE the risk factors for stroke.

2. REMEMBER &RECOGNIZE the symptoms of stroke early.

3. RESPOND by approaching the nearest Comprehensive Stroke Centre for optimal recovery because “Time lost could mean lifetime disability”.


Dr. S Rajesh Reddy

Dr. S Rajesh Reddy

Senior Consultant Brain, Spine and Endovascular Neurosurgeon

Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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