Top 7 Indian Made Vodkas for your perfect Weekend Chill Scenes


As we are moving forward to the weekend, we are always looking for refreshing drinks for a perfect evening party or even a refreshing daytime drink for the weekend. These vodkas will fit well if you are looking out to make tempting cocktails for your party or any occasion with your friends and loved ones. Here is the list of the top Indian Made Vodka brands that you must try this weekend with your friends or family.

  1. KIEV Triple Distilled Green Apple Flavoured Vodka: It is one of its kind perfectly crafted vodka. It is a premium quality flavored vodka that will delight enthusiasts. As one of the finest triple-distilled spirits with a rich flavor of green apple developed with sophisticated originality and innovation, it offers an unparalleled taste.

 Delhi Price: INR  570 for 750 ml.

  1. Magic Moments Vodka: It is made from the most refined grains and the triple distilling process is a hallmark of absolute purity that brings the magic to life. This premium vodka is smooth and blends perfectly with your senses, offering a rich taste.

            Delhi Price: INR 520 for 750 ml.


3. Smoke Lab Vodka:  India’s New Age Vodka. Distilled 5X times using ultra modern charcoal filtration. This smooth yet fiery spirit is the perfect accompaniment to every party. Energetic dance floors, cocktails under the stars, a spontaneous boat ride, table service at your favorite club or a night in with cards.

Delhi Price: INR 2100 onwards

  1. Romanov Vodka: Romanov is a brand of vodka produced and marketed by United Spirits, a subsidiary of United Breweries Group. The brand is named after the Romanov dynasty that ruled the Russian Empire from 1612 to 1917. It has received a two-star rating from the International Institute of Taste and Quality.

Delhi Price : INR 670


5. Billion Air Vodka: The vodka is packaged in tones of dark gray with flecks of gold – a luxurious touch to make this a perfect gift for friends or family. Billion Air Vodka is currently available in Mumbai and Pune.

Price: INR 1,990. 


6. Red Bliss Vodka: The more times vodka is distilled, the better and more potent it is. Enter Red Bliss, with 5x distillation. This vodka is unmatched in purity, smoothness, and flavour. Produced by the Indian brand Hermes, it is affordable and boasts of a grainy aroma from the vast green Indian farms. With an ABV of 42.8%, this homegrown vodka brand too is at the higher end of booze content.

             Price: Rs 800 


7. Rahasya Vodka: An authentic resultant of thorough research, extensive travel across the country and exploration of flavours and ingredients, Rahasya draws inspiration from age-old India culinary traditions. We might not know the secret (or Rahasya) behind this mysteriously unique blend that makes the vodka taste Indian.

Price: INR 850


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