5 healthy food options for a wholesome Diwali meal

Soul Flavours

Bangalore, October 22, 2022: As the festive season approaches, so do our worries to make our homes welcoming with delectable food. We bring to you some healthy kitchen essentials from Modicare limited to add to your shopping list that will help you achieve the pristine feeling of making the most yummilicious meal with an ambrosial vibe! 

Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil- This Diwali bring home, Modicare’s Soul Flavours Rice Bran Oil and take a vow to transform your health. The oil is trans-fat-free and is fortified with Vitamins A & D2 to give you a healthy medium for cooking. With High Oryzanol content of 1350mg per

100g, it helps lower bad cholesterol and has upto 15% less oil absorption level leading to reduced

calories and better tasting food. Produced with the patented ‘Physical Refining’ process, it is perfect for deep frying your festive favourites due to its High-Smoke point. 

Product Link: https://www.modicare.com/ProductCategory.aspx?ProdSearch=rice%20bran%20oil

MRP: 1 Litre pack for Rs 265/- and 5 Litre pack for Rs 1250/-

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Soul Flavours Premium Basmati Rice- With Modicare’s Soul Flavours Premium Basmati Rice, enjoy the authentic taste and aroma of pure basmati rice. This long, slender, non-sticky, soft, and fluffy basmati rice is a treasure house of taste. Aged to perfection, you can use this versatile rice this iwali for making exquisite dishes like Pulao, Risotto, and Fried Rice and relish the basmati experience. 

Product Link: https://www.modicare.com/ProductCategory.aspx?V=YP123VSZp3YSe/jT+HJO35xLzW35Y5JM&C=f0x2OI6siXc=&S=7D5MD3JjMfQ=&Z=Z3PcC/jJ8P29qJrzHzl8kw==

MRP: 5 Kg pack for Rs. 950/-

Soul Flavours Cow Ghee-  Modicare’s Soul Flavours Cow Ghee is made of cow milk that brings a rich aroma and granular texture adding a delectable flavour to your home cooked meals. With the goodness of CLA, a natural occurring fatty acid and soluble vitamins A, E ,D and K Pure cow ghee is considered ideal for cooking, garnishing and making sweets. 

Product Link:https://www.modicare.com/ProductCategory.aspx?ProdSearch=cow%20ghee

MRP: 1 Litre  pack for Rs 735/-

Soul Flavours Honey- Sourced from nature’s lap, Modicare’s Soul Flavours Honey is a superfood filled with antioxidants and essential nutrients.  Available in 3 different variants, with the goodness of tulsi and ginger, the honey can be relished with the rising festive spirit. 

Product Link:https://www.modicare.com/ProductCategory.aspx?V=YP123VSZp3YSe/jT+HJO35xLzW35Y5JM&C=f0x2OI6siXc=&S=lxV1Vd0JIa8=&Z=iriNZywqdZwsS91LPAONAg==

MRP: Soul Flavours Honey: 500gm pack for Rs 347/-; Soul Flavours Honey with Tulsi: 500gm for Rs 418/- ; Soul Flavours Honey with Ginger: 500gm for Rs 418/-

Soul Flavours Kashmiri Kesar- Flavours and aromas are a special part of each festival that we celebrate and Saffron adds a magical experience to every dish. Modicare’s  Soul Flavours finest grade hand-picked Kashmiri Kesar, with its deep red colour and rich aroma will make your sweets even more colourful and full of love! And the most awesome part? It’s free of preservatives and artificial colour!

Product Link: https://www.modicare.com/ProductLanding.aspx?p=7AwVXMsyLvY=&grp=nEvNbfljkkw=&pattern=Iey5Mcr6SMI=

MRP: 1 g pack for Rs 575/-

All the products under the Modicare range are available across the country through Modicare Consultants.

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