8 Great Tips to Start Your Journey as a Motivational Speaker

Become a Motivational Speaker

You have a great story to share, one that has the power to inspire and motivate others. But how do you get started in this field? Here are some tips on how to start your journey as a motivational speaker!

Identify Your Niche (Audience)

If you want to become a motivational speaker, it is important to first identify your niche. Who is your target audience? What are their needs and wants? What kind of topics do they respond well to? Once you have a good understanding of your niche, you can start to craft your message and build your brand around it.

It is also important to remember that your niche doesn’t have to be overly specific. In fact, many of the most successful motivational speakers have a broad message that resonates with a wide range of people. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to identifying your target audience.

You can speak for students, business class, startups, entrepreneurs and employees of MNCs.

Create Fresh Content

It’s no secret that fresh content is key to running a successful motivational business. But what does that mean, exactly? In the context of motivational speaking, creating fresh content means crafting new and innovative ways to inspire your audience.

One way to do this is by staying up-to-date on the latest news and developments in your field. This way, you can share timely and relevant information with your readers that will help them reach their goals. Additionally, keeping your content fresh also means creating new and original material. This could include writing blog posts on topics that you are passionate about or sharing personal stories that will resonate with your readers.

No matter what approach you take, remember that the goal is to always provide value to your audience. By delivering quality content on a regular basis, you’ll not only keep your readers coming back for more, but you’ll also position yourself as a go-to source of motivation and inspiration.

Test Your Material

When you’re first starting out as a motivational speaker, it’s important to test your material. You don’t want to get in front of an audience and freeze up or say something that falls flat. So how do you test your material?

One way is to record yourself speaking. This can be helpful because you can then go back and listen to what you said and see how it landed. Did you sound excited? Was your delivery engaging?

Another way to test your material is to speak in front of small groups of people ( friends, family, strangers). See how they react to what you’re saying and take note of their feedback.

Finally, don’t forget to practice, practice, practice! The more you speak, the more comfortable you’ll become with your material.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

First, let’s start with some basics. To become a good motivational speaker, you need to have strong communication skills. You should be able to create your ideas and convery the message clearly and concisely. You also need to be able to connect with your audience and make them feel engaged with what you’re saying.

In addition to strong communication skills, you also need to have some knowledge about the topic you’re speaking on. This will help you be more convincing and persuasive when you’re giving your talk. It’s also important to be well-prepared before you give your speech. This means practicing your speech beforehand so that you can deliver it confidently and smoothly on the day of your presentation.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful motivational speaker.

Start the marketing

One of the best ways to become a motivational speaker is to start marketing yourself. This can be done in a number of ways, such as creating a website or blog dedicated to your speaking career, or by joining an online community of speakers. You can also create social media accounts to help promote your speaking career. Additionally, you can submit articles or videos related to motivational speaking to websites and publications. By promoting yourself in these ways, you will be able to reach a wider audience and build your reputation as a motivational speaker.

  • Use Google Ads.
  • Use Youtube Ads.
  • Use A4 pamphlets at your grocery store.
  • Use Big Flex to showcase your advertisement.
  • Create online content and be consistent, hear to what your audience is telling you to improve on.

Start Small

For the starters, it’s important to start small. Don’t try to book a huge auditorium for your first gig – that’s just setting yourself up for failure. Instead, start by giving speeches to small groups of people, or even just to friends and family. This will help you get over any nerves you have about speaking in front of an audience, and it will give you a chance to test out your material to see what works and what doesn’t.

Do the Free Public Speaking Gigs

Sure, you may not get paid for these gigs, but they’re essential for getting your name out there and building up your credibility as a motivational speaker. Do as many of these gigs as you can, and make sure you give each one your all. Free public speaking gigs will also help you hone your skills and build up a repertoire of material that you can draw on when you start charging for your services.


Practice Practice Practice and Practice……………..!


Apply for paid speaking gigs

If you are done with the above given pointers, now is the time you apply for paid speaking gigs. This will give you the opportunity to hone your skills and build up your experience in front of an audience. You can find paid speaking gigs by searching online or contacting event planners directly.

Another way to become a motivational speaker is to volunteer your services. This is a great way to get started if you don’t have any experience yet. Volunteering allows you to gain valuable experience while also helping out a good cause. You can find volunteering opportunities by searching online or contacting local organizations directly.

Once you have some experience under your belt, you can market yourself as a motivational speaker and this can be done by speaking with local media outlets about your work. You can also self-publish books or articles on motivational speaking to help promote yourself further.

Becoming a motivational speaker takes time, effort, and practice. But if you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, it’s definitely worth it!

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