‘Feel-good’ or Life-Changing? Black Lotus might be the difference in your meditation

Black Lotus

Mental health has been identified as one of the most discussed issues in 2020. This can be attributed primarily to the global pandemic and its unfavourable circumstances.

However, of all the solutions suggested to assist with this, one stood out as the most effective – ‘Meditation‘.
As more people became aware of the benefits of meditation, they began to engage in the practise. Some were escorted, while others were not.

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Black Lotus App Introduction Video

However, despite the fact that meditation has been shown to be an excellent tool for improving a person’s mental state, it is difficult for people to develop a habit of practising quality meditation, and thus to see significant changes in their mental framework on a daily basis.

This is where the meditation app Black Lotus comes into play. Black Lotus is a meditation application that was created specifically for people who want to incorporate meditation into their daily lives. The app aims to alter your perspective on the world, which alters how you process information and alters how you access your higher states of consciousness. The app transforms your life permanently and profoundly while providing the benefits of intense meditation.

Six Principles of Meditation – Om Swami

Black Lotus was founded by Om Swami, a former technology entrepreneur turned monk and international best-selling author. It is based on the scientific framework RARE – Reflect, Act, Reinforce, and Evaluate. Beyond simple meditation, the Black Lotus app engages the user in a variety of actions and acts of kindness throughout the day.

The app enhances the practise by supplementing meditation with daily acts of kindness and mindfulness, all of which are supported by habit-forming features. Throughout the day, a user is advised to spend no more than 15-17 minutes per day on their journey to becoming an expert meditator and attaining a higher sense of consciousness. The app has had a global impact on over 2 million people. The app has logged 32 million minutes of meditation and over 250,000 impact stories.

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Om Swami with Chess Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi | The Wise Jumbuck

Vidit Gujrathi, India’s second-ranked chess player, is a devoted user of the app, stating that whenever he felt down, a storey about a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) would lift his spirits. “I believe there are scientific studies that indicate that simply witnessing an act of kindness elicits the same emotions in you as performing the act of kindness yourself. That is precisely what I observed in myself. Then I began using the app’s guided meditation and maintained a 180-day streak.”

The Black Lotus App

The Black Lotus app includes guided meditation sessions that cover the following topics:

In-depth instruction on how to meditate properly and overcome obstacles during meditation.

In-depth guidance about how to meditate correctly and hurdles in meditation.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Yoga Nidra, great for sleep
  • Users’ stories of their encounters with everyday kindness.
  • Humor at the completion of each day.
  • Ability to maintain a habit of meditation
What is Intuition [Hindi with English CC]

In India, meditation remains a spiritual practise, distinct from technology or business. The Black Lotus app combines the best of both worlds to ensure that the modern Indian audience has access to a meditative lifestyle.

The app features purpose-specific meditations and goal packs focused on achieving a single goal at a time. Additionally, the Black Lotus app includes a programme for students and working professionals.

As part of the Black Lotus annual celebrations, the application has also announced a special limited-time offer for August 2021, during which users can gain access to premium content for free by entering a special codeNOW’ during the app’s registration process.

The need for intense meditation will only grow as the outside world’s stress levels rise. Therefore, if you want to incorporate meditation into your daily life and are prepared for intense practise sessions, Black Lotus may be the way to go. Thus, the next time, you will know that you are neither a misled soul nor a misguided meditator.

You can download the Black Lotus app at www.blacklotus.app

source: ANI/PNN


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