Ruby Rose slams the showrunner and producers of ‘Batwoman’ for dangerous working conditions

Ruby Rose slams the showrunner and producers of 'Batwoman' for dangerous working conditions
Ruby Rose slams the showrunner and producers of 'Batwoman' for dangerous working conditions

Ruby Rose, the former ‘Batwoman’ performer, has levelled many charges of impropriety on the CW series’ set, which the actor claims resulted in their resignation in May 2020.

Rose alleged in a series of Instagram Stories on Wednesday that they were forced off the show at the end of season one, rather than departing on their own volition. Additionally, the actor stated that they were compelled to return to work just ten days after undergoing major surgery and that working conditions on set were hazardous, resulting in catastrophic injuries to crew members.

“I will seek you out to ensure that what happened to me never occurs to another person,” Rose said, addressing showrunner Caroline Dries, executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, and The CW. “Thus, I may reclaim my life and the truth. You are to blame.”

“To everyone who complained that I was too stiff on bawoman [sic], consider returning to work 10 days later… TEN DAYS!!!!!! (otherwise the entire crew and cast would be let go, and I would have let everyone down because Peter Roth had stated that he would not recast and I had just cost the studio millions (by being hurt on his set), which is [sic] be the one who cost so many people their jobs “As the actor put it.

Later in the Instagram Story, Rose said, “To my wonderful, loving fans who continue to ask if I will return to that abhorrent programme, I will not return for any amount of money or even if a pistol were pointed at my head… NOR DID I QUIT. I DID NOT QUIT; they destroyed Kate Kane and Batwoman, not me. I obeyed orders, and if I wished to remain, I would have to sign away my rights. Threats, bullying, or blackmail would not compel me to back down.”

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Warner Bros. Television responded to Rose’s allegations in a statement, writing: “Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online in an attempt to discredit the producers, the cast and crew, the network, and the studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television chose not to exercise its option to hire Ruby for season two of ‘Batwoman’ based on multiple complaints about workplace behaviour that were thoroughly investigated and handled privately out of respect for a working relationship.”

Rose also discussed their surprise absence from San Diego Comic-Con in support of the show’s first season. “Imagine taking a wage cut to work on a passion project and being so thrilled about Comic-Con and then being informed they would not change the schedule to accommodate my attendance… but then being told ‘we will not announce it, you must,'” they wrote.

Rose also made charges against co-star Dougray Scott, who played Jacob Kane on the first two seasons of ‘Batwoman.’ Scott, Rose stated “He assaulted a female stunt double, shouted at women like a little bitch, and was a nightmare. He left and arrived whenever he pleased. He abused women, and as the host of a show, I put out an email requesting a no-yelling policy, which they denied.”

Rose continued by criticising showrunner Caroline Dries for refusing to halt production on Season 1 when the COVID-19 epidemic began, despite the fact that other CW shows were cancelled, claiming that Dries visited the show’s set only four times during the first season. Rose then discussed what they described as hazardous and inadvertent working conditions, including one that left a crippled PA immobile.

“A crew member received third-degree burns over his entire body, and we received no therapy after witnessing his skin fall off his face, but I was the only one who sent him flowers and cards, and then we were told we had to do a sex scene without a minute to process, we lost two stunt doubles, and I received a cut in the face so close to my eye in a stunt that I could have gone blind,” Rose wrote.

“A woman was left quadriplegic and they attempted to blame it on her being on her phone, to the point where CW initially refused to assist her because they needed to ‘investigate,’ forcing her to do a go fund me… she is a PA, and PAs operate via phones. Her accident occurred as a result of our show refusing to close when everyone else did due to Covid “the actor said.

Rose announced their departure from ‘Batwoman’ last year, Variety reports. It was the first television series to feature a female superhero. Javicia Leslie was later cast as a new character who assumed the mantle of Batwoman for Season 2.


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