Dave Bautista seeking a role in Suicide Squad 3

Dave Bautista seeking a role in Suicide Squad 3
Dave Bautista seeking a role in Suicide Squad 3

Dave Bautista, believes Drax The Destroyer should settle down now. He states that one of the reasons is because he spends hours in the make-up chair prior to entering the sets. As we prepare to see him as Drax for the final time in 2023 with the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3, he is currently seeking a role in The Suicide Squad 3.

Anyone who knows Dave Bautista understands how close he is to filmmaker James Gunn, who is the only director to work in both the DCEU and the MCU simultaneously. Both of them had previously stood up for one another and maintain a strong bond.

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According to a report from We Got This Covered, Dave now want to be a member of The Suicide Squad 3 and may even get one.

Meanwhile, it’s not as if James Gunn hasn’t previously offered a role in his acclaimed DCEU film. Gunn approached Dave Bautista about a role in The Suicide Squad, but the former WWE star turned it down in favour of Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead.

According to the same outlet, Bautista stated at the time, “James Gunn scripted a character for me in The Suicide Squad, which I was ecstatic about, not only because he was making a massive comeback.” He returned with The Suicide Squad, was rehired by Marvel, and has been completely vindicated in terms of the entire situation. I was all in, and then Army of the Dead came around, which was not only a main role for me, but also an opportunity to work with Zack Snyder. I’ve wished to collaborate with him for years.”

Dave Bautista continued, “I had The Suicide Squad, where I got to work with my boy again, albeit in a smaller part, and then I had Army of the Dead, where I got to work with Zack, create a relationship with Netflix, land a lead role in a fantastic picture, and earn a lot more money.” I had to call James and tell him, ‘It kills my heart because I want to be there with you as a buddy, but professionally, this is the prudent course of action for me.’ ‘I absolutely understand,’ he stated. I’m proud of you for being in this position at all. I’m glad that I played a role in your being in this position where you’re forced to make these difficult choices’.”


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