Home Gadget Reviews Outsmarting Dirt: Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Outsmarting Dirt: Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Outsmarting Dirt: Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners roaming around the house sucking dust and dirt are no longer a new sight. 

However, we’re witnessing improvements daily, from advanced features to falling price tags.

The Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, is one affordable yet efficient, robotic cleaner aiming at keeping your home sparkling clean without you lifting a finger.

House cleaning is an overwhelming chore that most of us would gladly delegate given the chance.

Fortunately, gadgets like the round-shaped Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner are helping alleviate this stress.

The promise this smart robot vacuum cleaner offers isn’t different from other prominent brands like Roomba. 

And this promise is, delegate your floor cleaning task to these robots, and they’ll tirelessly handle it without much supervision.

What Makes Haier Smart Robot Stand Out?

Despite the abundance of robot cleaners, the Haier Smart offers a couple of unique features.

Its competitive pricing at around Rs 14,000 makes it quite affordable compared to other brands. 

Moreover, it’s packed with unique features like wet mopping and remote control capabilities, making it a worthy investment.

Design & Performance

The Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s minimalist design features a round shape that resembles a gigantic power button decorated in silver accents.

This slim, sleek design is functional as it allows the vacuum to slide under furniture, sucking up hidden dirt.

Its sturdy, all-plastic body, handy attachments, navigation wheels, and convenient charging dock make it an impressive gadget.
One aspect of its design worth noting is the protective plastic layer covering the front half of the robot, featuring springs that cushion impact whenever it hits an object, preventing damage.

Despite having limitations similar to those faced by other robot vacuum cleaners – such as not handling chunky pieces of rubbish well, overall, the Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner performs optimally.

On battery life, its 2600 mAh battery lasts around 40 minutes – less than the stated 3 hours, but sufficient to clean a room thoroughly before moving onto the next. It excels at suctioning dry dust and wet mop cleaning, with the ‘edge cleaning’ mode enhancing the overall effectiveness.

Notably, it works best in uncluttered rooms, and it’s remotely controllable through the Haismart app, allowing you to schedule cleaning times.

The Haier Smart Robot’s wet mopping function, accomplished using a detachable microfiber cloth, smoothly removes stains like magic, avoiding repeated refills thanks to its fair-sized water tank.

The Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner distinguishes itself as an affordable, efficient, and feature-packed robot vacuum cleaner. 

Despite facing some shortcomings like below par battery life and trouble handling large debris, it offers significant value particularly to working professionals who may not have the time or energy to regularly engage in cleaning.


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