Home Gadget Reviews Echoes In Silence: Noise Buds Venus ANC True Wireless Earphones

Echoes In Silence: Noise Buds Venus ANC True Wireless Earphones

Echoes In Silence: Noise Buds Venus ANC True Wireless Earphones

Relinquishing the excruciating urban life noise, assuming a moment of muteness, and echoing in silence – these are not just any other metaphoric phrases.

The Noise Buds Venus ANC True Wireless Earphones promise to deliver just that, all within a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 1,899.

Arriving inside an unassuming box, the earpieces are lightweight, weighing only 3.5g each. They might not be the most compact ones around, but the in-canal fit ensures proper noise isolation. 

The package also includes three pairs of ear tips, a USB charging cable, and an instruction leaflet. These earphones are available in four appealing colors: black, brown, green, and ivory.

Value For Money

Replete with features that signify class, these earbuds also include the usually premium active noise cancellation (ANC) and low-latency gaming mode.

It even throws in environmental noise cancellation (ENC) using its quadruple-microphone system.

The key functions encompass sound playback, volume control, ANC, and gaming mode operation. 

These functions are easy to learn and even easier to use. However, the lack of a companion app might raise a few eyebrows, but when examined closely, it seems Noise took a minimalist approach towards presenting an ‘all-in-one-solution’.

The buds come with a robust charging case, which carries additional charges for the earpieces and supports fast charging. 

Performance Analysis

They are armed with 10mm dynamic drivers and have a water resistance rating of IPX5. Support for the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs, along with voice assistant compatibility, competently adds to the Noise Buds Venus. 

However, what stands out is the Bluetooth 5.3, reinforcing a robust connectivity feature.

The earbuds pack quite a punch when it comes to sound clarity, maintaining a balanced sonic signature and impressive detail level. The ANC, though basic, offered a mild and appreciable reduction in ambient noise.

Surprisingly, the buds offer up to 5 hours of usage on a single charge with ANC enabled, while the charging case extends that to an impressive total of around 25 hours.

Despite the earphones’ overtly basic ANC, Noise Buds Venus appears to be a competent contender within the budget earphones category. 

Considering the attractively reasonable price tag and the range of premium features it packs, it certainly steps up the game.



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