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Decoding Audio Excellence: Nothing Ear (2)

Decoding Audio Excellence: Nothing Ear (2)

If you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of wireless earbuds that deliver on sound, style, and comfort, the Nothing Ear (2) may just be the thing (or should we say, ‘nothing?’) you’ve been searching for. 

Despite the oddball naming, these earbuds are ‘nothing’ short of effective, offering a pleasantly versatile listening experience complemented by a design that feels subversive and a comfortable fit. With the price tag of ₹9,999, it surely is an experience to behold.

Design: Edge Meets Elegance

From the get-go, the design will catch your eye. The cutting-edge charging case channels the aesthetic of the previous generation earbuds and the Nothing Phone (1), while housing a lightweight pair of earbuds that are practically unnoticeable until the battery runs out. 

The buds offer a supremely comfortable fit that won’t fall out even if you’re doing movement-heavy activities. 

Yes, the white glossy plastic head gives the buds a ‘half-premium’ feel, but the stem with its pinch controls is an aesthete’s dream come true. 

Be warned though, you might get the opening of the Nothing Ear (2) case wrong quite a few times – the back and front look very similar!

Sound: A Personalized Audio Experience

The Nothing Ear (2) ‘speaks’ directly to your preference. The Nothing X app allows you to tailor your sound experience and create a personalized profile. 

While the initial sound may feel a tad subdued, a few tweaks in the app can bring it to life.

Supported by an 11.66mm driver that’s compatible with the LHDC 5.0 codec (read, high-resolution audio) and a dual-chamber design, these earbuds stand a step above the Nothing Ear (1) in terms of quality and clarity. 

Still, they might leave you yearning for an extra pinch of bass. But worry not, noise cancellation to the rescue! This feature can help silence external noises up to 40dB – effective, indeed!

Battery: A Sonic Indulgence

Love to have your earbuds in at all times? The Nothing Ear (2) will give you over 3 hours of audio bliss on a single charge with ANC on. 

That might not seem a lot, but the case is always ready to recharge the buds quickly, so you’ll never feel left high and dry!


  • Unique, cutting-edge design
  • Customizable sound with high-end features
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable fit
  • IP55 rated case and IP54 rated buds, an upgrade from last generation


  • Still a large case (not very pocket-friendly)
  • Average battery life
  • Price point of ₹9,999
  • Plastic design could be off-putting for some

With all these factors in mind, one thing is evident: ‘Nothing’ surely understands the audio game. The Nothing Ear (2) offers unrivaled design, customizable sound, and handy features.



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