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Seamless Mobility: ViewSonic VP16-OLED Monitor

Seamless Mobility: ViewSonic VP16-OLED Monitor

If you’re a content creator, you know that producing top-notch work requires not just powerful hardware but also a decent display that can accurately reproduce colors. 

Rs 45,999 is the asking price to help content creators produce quality content with the ViewSonic VP16-OLED portable monitor. 

Portable With Great Features

The tablet-sized ViewSonic VP16-OLED Monitor weighs a manageable 2.2kg, packing a punch in terms of design and performance. 

With a detachable magnetic hood and a foldable stand that offers solid support, this device is clearly designed with the content creator in mind. 

ViewSonic has been thoughtful with the design of the VP16-OLED portable monitor – it comes with a power brick, a USB Type-C port, multiple cables for connectivity and a detachable hood.

The detachable hood, when attached to the frame of the monitor, prevents external light from washing out the screen, which is especially useful for those working under bright sunlight.

On the left side spine of the stand are a 3.5mm port, two USB-Type-C ports, and a mini-HDMI port.

Battery drain considerations aside, the display can be powered up by connecting a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable from a laptop.

“Seamless mobility” isn’t just a catchy phrase – with these features, it’s a tangible reality.

The Display: Truly Fantastic

Boasting an OLED panel with 1920×1080 pixels resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, the ViewSonic VP16-OLED monitor delivers excellent color accuracy thanks to the Pantone Validation. 

Industry aficionados will recognize Pantone – legendary in color matching – for their global authority on color reproduction. 

Adequately bright with a peak of 400 nits, it caters to indoor use and even outdoors with the hood attached. The inclusion of dual-integrated speakers only adds to the rich user experience.

Whether you’re editing photos or playing high-definition videos, the ViewSonic VP16-OLED monitor reproduces rich details and vivid colours, promising an immersive experience.

Designed with content creators in mind, the monitor works well with both Windows and macOS devices. 

If you’re a photographer, graphic designer, or videographer, you’ll find the ViewSonic VP16-OLED monitor a strong ally.


  • Seamless Portability
  • Built-In Speakers
  • High Grade Colour Reproduction


  • Premium Pricing
  • Specific Use Cases

ViewSonic VP16-OLED portable monitor justifies why it’s priced at a premium. It offers excellent colour reproduction and detail, sports a sleek design, and is also foldable and portable.

There’s much to appreciate with the inbuilt speakers as well. However, the device is aimed at a niche segment, so the value proposition may not be as high for the average user as it is for its target audience of content creators.


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