Home Gadget Reviews Revolutionizing Viewing: The 2023 X Series 65-Inch Ultra-HD Smart TV by Xiaomi

Revolutionizing Viewing: The 2023 X Series 65-Inch Ultra-HD Smart TV by Xiaomi

Revolutionizing Viewing: The 2023 X Series 65-Inch Ultra-HD Smart TV by Xiaomi

The realm of smart TVs is perpetually evolving, with brands leaping boundlessly to offer viewers an immersive, high-quality and fulfilling experience. 

One such brand is Xiaomi, renowned for their innovative technology, affordable pricing, and optimum-quality products. 

Specs, Design and Features

This smart TV is priced at Rs. 61,999 in India, a steal for a 65-inch Ultra-HD (3840×2160-pixel) television. It supports Dolby Vision HDR and houses 30W speakers, promising an immersive audio-visual feast for viewers. 

Plus, the TV operates with the Google TV user interface, alongside Xiaomi’s unique PatchWall, layered over the Android TV OS. 

The design follows through with Xiaomi’s older X series lineage, opting for a smooth black, minimalist hue. 

The borders encompassing the screen are slim and tend to go unnoticed, maintaining the intrigue on the on-screen content.

A slightly thicker base border houses the Xiaomi logo and the power button, giving it a clean, non-intrusive look.


The X Series TV offers three HDMI 2.1 ports, two USB type-A ports, an Ethernet port and sockets for 3.5mm audio, AV and antenna which are standard for TVs in this price segment. 

Although the positioning of ports may be slightly tricky to access while wall-mounted, this wouldn’t pose a substantial issue with proper pre-planning. 

The package contains stands for the TV but excludes a wall-mount kit, which would need to be arranged separately.

Performance, Software and Interface

One potential drawback is the occasional lag observed in navigating the Google TV and PatchWall user interfaces. 

However, streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube did not face these limitations. 

Undoubtedly, the highlight is the dual availability of the Google TV UI and PatchWall. While Google TV UI is fresh to the X series, the unchanged PatchWall continues its signature curations and recommendations.

Quality and Sound

Despite minor performance issues, the X Series (2023) TV offers value-for-money performance. The 65-inch screen size enhances the viewing experience, making Ultra-HD content an absolute delight to watch. 

The colours are vibrant and crisp, making cinematic scenes look enticing. However, the TV does experience some difficulty with low-light scenes due to its average black levels.

The smart TV houses a 30W box speaker system, producing a loud and clear sound.

The Xiaomi X Series (2023) 65-inch Ultra-HD Smart TV, whilst presenting an occasional sluggish user interface and some issues with dark scenes, offers an excellent value-for-money option.

It provides an immersive viewing experience without making a substantial dent in your wallet. The X Series (2023) is indeed a revolutionary, game-changing product in the smart TV segment, amalgamating affordable pricing with the latest technology and user-friendly functionality.



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