Home Gadget Reviews Revolutionizing Timepiece Technology: Redmi Watch 3 Active

Revolutionizing Timepiece Technology: Redmi Watch 3 Active

Revolutionizing Timepiece Technology: Redmi Watch 3 Active

Do you know which technological device is changing the way we perceive time? It’s the Redmi Watch 3 Active! Let’s delve into how this advanced timepiece is revolutionizing our lifestyles.

Design and Fit

The Redmi Watch 3 Active’s design sports a sturdy metal frame, lending it both durability and a premium feel. The display doesn’t blend into the frame—rather, it pops out a little enhancing its tasteful appearance.

It is available in black and off-white, but if you’re into spicing things up, you can get an optional olive green strap. Despite its sleek and minimalist look, the strap mechanism is a bit unconventional. You might encounter some hassles while wearing it and changing straps. 

Software and Display

The Redmi Watch 3 Active provides a joyful experience with its seamless software that seems like an independent operating system.

It gives a sense of elegance without compromising on features— allowing you to customize everything from watch face to widget order. The watch faces are diverse and aesthetically pleasing. 

The 1.83″ display is sharp and vibrant. However, visibility might be compromised in bright sunlight, as the display is not AMOLED. But then again, it’s a minor hiccup considering the watch’s price range.

Aside from all this it also has the feature of bluetooth calling, a unique yet welcome addition. 

Fitness Tracking

This device is well-equipped to monitor your heart rate and even detects your short naps with astonishing accuracy. 

However, it falls short in terms of GPS and swim tracking, which may disappoint some users. Nonetheless, feature-rich and easy-to-use, the Redmi Watch 3 Active seemingly offers the best value in this segment.

Final Thoughts

Revolutionizing timepiece technology, the Redmi Watch 3 Active’s impressive design, software and fitness tracking capabilities make it a must-have gadget at the affordable price point of Rs 2,999.



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