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Marshall Middleton: The Loud Symphony

Marshall Middleton: The Loud Symphony

Waking up to the symphonies of Marshall Middleton can be a bit overwhelming, but still it’s a luxury to experience such sound.

Enveloping your living room with its incredible sound quality, the Middleton is a compact Bluetooth speaker from Marshall, known for its loud and bass-rich output. 

A Compact Powerhouse

Despite being smaller in size compared to other offerings from Marshall, the Middleton thrives on its great build quality. 

A gold speaker grill with the signature Marshall logo on the front encapsulates the speaker, while the top provides access to the power button, volume control, and song skipping functions. 

Yes, the first impression of Middleton might border around being loud and bass-heavy.

But spend a little time with it and you’ll discover that there’s more to its audio output than just voluminous sound.

Middleton’s Control App

Want to fine-tune your listening experience? The Marshall Bluetooth app gives you control over these bass and treble adjustments.

Even at medium volumes, the Middleton ensures to fill your room with sound.

It doesn’t pierce your ears but ensures a serene audio experience that is effective enough to play an acoustic number on a relaxing weekend.

A True Audiophile’s Delight

Middleton’s audio playback strikes a perfect balance between highs and lows, catering to the fine ear of a true audiophile. 

With a battery life that lasts approximately 20 hours, it’s ideal for a full week of playback from your laptop, smartphone, or even your TV. 

Despite its weight, that makes it a bit too heavy for the backpack, the Middleton can be comfortably moved around the room.

Price and Insights

The Middleton is priced at Rs 31,999, a tag many believe warrants Wi-Fi capabilities for uninterrupted streaming. 

With its stylish design, room-filling audio playback, and trust in the Marshall brand, the Middleton stands among the best Bluetooth speakers available in this premium price range.


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