Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be introduced with free 80W wireless charger in Germany on May 20 with

Xiaomi has launched its most impressive smartphone in the UK last week, and is bringing it to Germany soon. It will go on sale in the country’s online store on the 20th of May at one o’clock p.m. you will receive a free 80W wireless charging pad if you order one between June 3 and the 23rd I got this model because it can charge the phone as fast as the wired models while using 67W of power.

At the global unveiling of the product back in March, the price was announced at €199.

Other Xiaomi devices announced recently include the Mi 11, which includes the following: The Mi 11 will go on sale on the same day and for €649.90, on the same time as the Redmi Note 10.1 on May 12 at 1 PM in Europe’s Central European Time (with a free mini vacuum cleaner bundled until May 23). Finally, the Redmi Note 5G will launch on May 12, and will be available for a first-day-price €199.90, which will increase to €229.90 over the course of the subsequent days.