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“We are WOMEN, we are ENOUGH”, Say Fitness Queen Malaika Arora

We are often made to mistrust our accomplishments and question whether we are enough as women in a male-dominated culture. Malaika Arora, a fitness queen, took to Instagram on International Women’s Day to share a video addressing women’s internal feelings of self-doubt. Malaika is seen working out in the gym and acing every programme like a champ. It will motivate you to believe in yourself and strive hard to improve your situation.

In the video, she performed core-strengthening and full-body workouts, including tricep building exercises, mobility routines, stretching, and a treadmill walk, among other things. ‘Happy Women’s Day,’ she captioned it. Women were also encouraged to believe that they were “enough” after watching the movie.

“We are WOMEN, we are ENOUGH. We all struggle with this question, “Am I enough?”, today, let it be the day when you whisper back “Yes” and let that become a resounding commitment to the woman in you, the woman who raised you and the women you will raise as daughters, students, nieces and friends. Power only comes from within. If you got it, own it! Happy women’s day,”


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