Home Celebrities Varun Sood Joins Forces with Raveena Tandon for the Captivating Web Series ‘Karmma Calling’

Varun Sood Joins Forces with Raveena Tandon for the Captivating Web Series ‘Karmma Calling’

Varun Sood Joins Forces with Raveena Tandon for the Captivating Web Series ‘Karmma Calling’

Varun Sood, the talented actor and reality TV star, is all set to make his debut in the world of web series with the much-anticipated show ‘Karmma Calling’. 

The series, starring the iconic Raveena Tandon, has already created a buzz among the audience with its intriguing plot and glamorous cast.

A New Beginning for Varun Sood

‘Karmma Calling’ marks a significant milestone in Varun Sood’s acting career as he steps into the realm of web series.

The series, which is the Hindi adaptation of the popular American drama series Revenge, promises to captivate the audience with its compelling storyline and stellar performances.

Varun Sood portrays the character of Ahaan Kothari, a flamboyant and vulnerable individual who finds himself entangled in a world of glitz, glamour, deceit, and betrayal. 

Ahaan is torn between his family legacy and his desire to follow his heart, making him a crucial part of the Alibaug society depicted in the series.

Varun Sood on His Character

When asked about his role in ‘Karmma Calling’, Varun Sood expressed his enthusiasm for the project and the immediate connection he felt with his character, Ahaan Kothari.

He revealed that he found similarities between his personality and Ahaan’s, which made it easier for him to empathize with the character.

In order to fully embody the flamboyance of Ahaan Kothari, Varun Sood went above and beyond with his workout routine and diet. 

He viewed this as a way to truly live in the skin of the character and bring Ahaan to life on the screen. Sood’s commitment to his role showcases his dedication and passion as an actor.

Raveena Tandon’s Intriguing Avatar

Joining Varun Sood in ‘Karmma Calling’ is the ever-charming Raveena Tandon, who is set to mesmerize the audience with her intriguing avatar. 

In the series, Tandon portrays the character of Indrani Kothari, the reigning queen of society in Alibaug. She embodies the world of glitz, glamour, deceit, and betrayal, adding another layer of depth to the storyline.

Under the direction of Ruchi Narain, ‘Karmma Calling’ brings forth the Indian adaptation of the popular ABC series ‘Revenge’. 

The series revolves around the wealthy and influential Kothari family, exploring the dynamics and dark secrets that unfold within their world. With its grandeur, scale, and glamorous outlook, ‘Karmma Calling’ promises to be a visual treat for the audience.

Release Date and Streaming Platform

Fans of Varun Sood, Raveena Tandon, and quality content can mark their calendars as ‘Karmma Calling’ is all set to stream from January 26, 2024, exclusively on Disney Hotstar.

The series is expected to be a gripping watch, weaving together elements of revenge, deceit, betrayals, and the exploration of the Kothari family’s experiences.

Varun Sood’s foray into the world of web series with ‘Karmma Calling’ is undoubtedly an exciting prospect.

The actor’s dedication to his role as Ahaan Kothari and his chemistry with the talented Raveena Tandon is sure to leave a lasting impression on the audience. 

With its gripping plot and stellar cast, ‘Karmma Calling’ promises to be a must-watch series that will keep viewers hooked from start to finish.


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