Home Entertainment Unveiling the Enigma: ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ – An Exhilarating Experience

Unveiling the Enigma: ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ – An Exhilarating Experience

Unveiling the Enigma: ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ – An Exhilarating Experience

Get ready to dive into the world of ‘Guns & Gulaabs’, an enthralling Hindi web series available for streaming on Netflix.

A Brief of the High-Octane Experience – ‘Guns & Gulaabs’

Guns & Gulaabs, a black comedy thriller series premiered on Netflix on August 18, 2023, has been the talk of the town ever since. 

Directed by the dynamic duo Raj & DK and delivered by a star-studded cast including industry greats like Rajkummar Rao, Dulquer Salmaan, late Satish Kaushik, Adarsh Gourav, the show has managed to keep the audiences engaged and thrilled. 

Mesmerizing Performance: The Highlights

When you have consummate actors like Rajkummar Rao and Dulquer Salmaan, the expectations are bound to skyrocket. 

Rajkummar Rao, with his effortless performance, has managed to infuse innocence into his otherwise tough character Paana Tipu, widening the emotional landscape of the series. 

Dulquer Salmaan as the stoic Narcotics officer, Arjun Varma, brings depth to the narrative. Their combined performance along with the stellar performance by the rest of the cast provides a theatrical brilliance to the series.

Gulshan Devaiah, known for showing up with his quintessential roles, has outdone himself showing the gritty realism of a gangster’s world. 

TJ Bhanu, playing a school teacher and love interest of Rajkummar Rao, adds an element of sweet romance to the otherwise action-packed series.

Not All Rosy: Areas of Improvement

Nevertheless, every rose has its thorns. Guns & Gulaabs too faces the challenge of predictability, probably a side effect of having two rival gangs as its plot. 

The falling viewership during the middle-episodes reveals the possibility of a stronger screenplay and tighter editing. 

But, the climax filled with action-packed adventure manages to offer a gripping ending to the series.

Embodiment of 90’s Retro: Technical Aspects

A special mention needs to be made about the technical crew behind Guns & Gulaabs. Aman Pant’s nostalgic background score and Pankaj Kumar’s stellar cinematography take us back to the retro era, glorifying the series. 

The art direction department has laid out the perfect visuals defining the series set in the ’90s.

Guns & Gulaabs: Final Verdict

On the whole, ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ turns out to be a decently engaging crime comedy series. The performance of power-packed actors like Rajkummar Rao and Dulquer Salmaan coupled with a good measure of dark comedy and thrilling actions might cover up for the somewhat predictable storyline. 

If you set your expectations right, ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ could offer you an enjoyable watching experience. The idea of a nostalgic trip to the ’90s era with a hint of dark comedy and thrill is worth a watch.


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