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Movie Review: LGM – Let’s Get Married: A Mixed Bag of Fun, Laughter and Drama


“LGM – Let’s Get Married ” took the screens by a storm.This movie, marking the maiden production of renowned cricketer MS Dhoni, has stirred up a great deal of excitement across the Telugu states. So, does “LGM” live up to its hype? Let’s find out!

The Story

Revolving around a young couple Gautam (Harish Kalyan) and Meera (Ivana), the movie unravels their journey to matrimony. After two years of courtship, the couple decides to take their relationship a notch higher. However, Meera is apprehensive about her relationship with her future mother-in-law Leela (Nadiya). In an attempt to break the ice, she convinces Gautam to plan a trip to Coorg. But, does this trip resolve their issues or simply adds to the chaos? You would need to catch up on the full movie to find out.

The Highs

The quirky concept of testing one’s compatibility with their future in-laws throws a fresh spin on the stereotypical romantic comedy scenario. Harish Kalyan’s relatable portrayal as a man torn amidst love and familial obligations is applaud-worthy. Ivana’s impressive performance as a modern, witty woman also does not fail to tickle your funny bone. Other characters like Yogi Babu, Mirchi Vijay, and Nadiya further add to the overall comic milieu, ensuring an entertaining watch.

The Lows

Despite a promising premise, the movie fails to kindle a lasting intrigue due to the lack of engaging sequences, especially between the lead female characters. Lengthy, unnecessary sequences tend to drag the narrative, hampering the rhythm of the movie. The suboptimal usage of other talented characters like Yogi Babu and Deepa Kumari results in lesser grip for the viewers.

The technical team could benefit from a tighter script, as the slow pacing hinders the overall theatrical experience. The cinematography does an average job while the music doesn’t make much of a mark.


Overall, “LGM – Let’s Get Married” can be summed up as a light-hearted rom-com with a unique storyline and occasional humor, despite its narrative shortcomings. If a slow pace and lengthy scenes do not turn you off, then this one is worth a watch. While its theatrical appeal may vary, “LGM – Let’s Get Married” can find its sweet spot amongst the OTT audience.



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