Home Entertainment Jailer – Rajinikanth: A Timeless Superstar Winning Cross-Border Hearts!

Jailer – Rajinikanth: A Timeless Superstar Winning Cross-Border Hearts!

Jailer – Rajinikanth: A Timeless Superstar Winning Cross-Border Hearts!

The reverence, admiration, and the unparalleled craze for superstar Rajinikanth across the globe is no secret. His latest flick, “Jailer” has hit the screens on August 10, 2023, amidst sky-high expectations. 

Jailer: The Plot

Muthuvel Pandian, a.k.a Muthu (Rajinikanth) is a retired jailer leading a simple life with his law-abiding policeman son, Arjun (Vasanth Ravi). The plot thickens as Arjun goes missing, plunging Muthu into the dark underworld of antique smuggling run by Varma (Vinayakan). How does Muthu react to his son’s demise? Does he take law into his own hands? That forms the crux of the story.


Seeing Rajinikanth in a powerful role after ages is indeed a delight. His comedic timing and histrionics, in cahoots with Yogi Babu, created an engaging first half. The highlight? A masterfully crafted transformation from a peace-loving retired jailer to a force to be reckoned with.


Despite having the superstar’s classic style and panache and the appealing music by Anirudh Ravichander, “Jailer” suffers from a wafer-thin plot and a sequence of flat, humorless scenes in the second half. Furthermore, high-profile cameos like those of Shiv Rajkumar, Mohanlal, and Jackie Shroff fail to impress. Add to it a rather weak emotional quotient, a lengthy runtime and a not-so-impactful end—it seems like the film falls short of the mark.

Technical Aspects

Anirudh’s riveting background score and Vijay Kartik’s fair cinematography are the saving graces of this otherwise “okay” action drama. Editor R.Nirmal could have tightened the noose on unnecessary sequences in the second half. Director Nelson Dilipkumar, although great at showcasing Rajinikanth in his superhero avatar, doesn’t quite hit the bullseye with the script.


“Jailer: Rajinikanth” is a partially engaging film with a stellar first half. Rajinikanth shines in his role, proving why he is indeed a timeless superstar. But with a weak plot and a languishing second half, you might want to keep your expectations checked before heading to the theater.


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