Netflix India announced new dating reality show ‘IRL: In Real Love’


On Thursday, Netflix India announced the launch of its dating reality show, dubbed ‘IRL: In Real Love’. The upcoming show will focus on new connections, heartbreaks, and the opportunity to’see if your love can withstand the test of time.’

“We’re excited to expand our reality offering with a unique dating format called ‘IRL: In Real Love.’ The concept is an accurate reflection of the era in which we live and love “Tanya Bami, Netflix India’s Director of International Originals, stated.

“The choices and dilemmas we face on a daily basis will be put to the test in the show’s one-of-a-kind social experiment. We’re looking forward to delving into some incredible love stories on Netflix “she continued.

‘IRL: In Real Love,’ produced by Monozygotic, will allow anyone to participate in the show. The remainder of the show’s details and format have been kept under wraps.

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