Qualitas Technologies launches Qualitas EagleEye platform for AI powered Visual Inspection

Eye - AI powered Visual Inspection
Eye - AI powered Visual Inspection

Qualitas Technologies, a market leader in machine vision solutions, has announced one of the first AI-powered Visual Inspection Platforms to enable industrial vision inspection with a sophisticated DLOps (Deep Learning Operations) workflow.

Visual inspection products that use AI have been making news, with technologies like as Deep Learning gaining appeal due to their ease of programming and maturity in the platforms on which they are built. However, designing production-ready solutions remains a lengthy and complex process.

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Much time and effort is invested in developing “Pipelines” or DLOps workflows. For over a decade, Qualitas Technologies has been providing sophisticated solutions as a System Integrator. The team recognised that the workflow for producing AI-based solutions contained a large number of repetitive processes and steps that might be considerably simplified by technology.

As a result, the Qualitas EagleEye® platform was developed. System integrators and project managers in manufacturing firms can use the EagleEye® platform to perform tasks such as data collection, ground truth annotation, image annotation, and deep learning solution development. Additionally, the platform enables the training and evaluation of highly accurate and powerful state-of-the-art Deep Learning solutions in a fraction of the time required to construct something using open-source tools and platforms.

Machine Vision Solutions based on Deep Learning require weeks of development in a lab environment prior to being deployed to production. Following then, it can take up to a year to “fine-tune” models to achieve the appropriate levels of accuracy. With simply a browser, the QualitasEagleEye® and its optimised workflow-driven application may assist you in developing production-grade solutions in a matter of weeks.

Without the need for specialist AI training gear and software, solutions are built and produced using a four-step method. Visual inspection solutions such as Surface Defect Identification, Optical Character Recognition, Part and Assembly Verification, and Robotic Guidance can be designed and deployed on production lines in a matter of weeks with minimal training photos.

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Raghava Kashyapa, CEO and Founder of Qualitas Technologies, stated in response to this development, “The industry has long desired to reduce the complexity and cost associated with training and deploying Deep Learning-based machine vision systems. System integrators and solution developers frequently spend months, if not years, fine-tuning production-grade solutions, and we’re pleased to announce the debut of the QualitasEagleEye® Visual Inspection Platform, which has been simplified by tenfold. Integrators and Machine Builders may leverage the fully managed and lean integration workflow to create solutions that were previously too expensive and time-consuming to develop due to the complexity of the software and hardware infrastructure required for training and inference.”

Machine Vision systems have been demonstrated to be a direct substitute for human decision making, and with the advent of Deep Learning, these systems are capable of inspection accuracy that exceeds that of humans.


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