Harappa announces Bridge: India’s first and biggest forum for Academia and Industry

Harappa announces Bridge

Harappa, a homegrown educational technology startup and India’s leading online institution for behavioural learning, has opened registration for Bridge — a marquee, annual, multi-format online forum that will bring together education and industry leaders for the first time.

Harappa aims to catalyse a dialogue about India’s employability challenges and overall talent needs by leveraging the breadth of its learning and development network across campuses, enterprises, and professionals. The event is scheduled to take place from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM on August 18-19, 2021.

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The invitation-only event will bring together a galaxy of over 1,000 leaders from industry and academia (CEOs, CHROs, CLOs, Vice-Chancellors, Deans, and Trustees) to pave the way for discussions on topics such as The College-Workplace Continuum, The Art & Science of Learning, and The Education Enterprise. Harappa’s inaugural event features a star-studded lineup of speakers, including Chris Dede (Professor, Learning Technologies, Harvard Graduate School Of Education), Neela Saldanha (Behavior Scientist & Board Member, Grameen Foundation), Laxman Narasimhan (CEO, Reckitt Benckiser), Deborah Quazzo (Managing Partner, GSV Ventures), Kumar Mangalam Birla (Chairman, Aditya Birla Group) and Pratham Mittal (Director, Masters’ Union), to name a few.

Highlighting the need for such a forum, Shreyasi Singh, Founder and CEO, Harappa, said, “For far too long, academia and industry have operated in silos, with little to no consensus on how to impactfully skill young talent for the workforce. With a wide, persistent gap between what one is taught and what is expected of professionals today, graduates are seldom set up for success. This has created an urgent, spiralling employability challenge, accelerated by the turbulent storms of technological shifts, workplace disruptions and structural changes in the nature of jobs. At Harappa, we are very excited to foster a much-needed dialog between academia and industry, on the talent continuum India so urgently needs. As is signature Harappa, the highlight of this invite-only event will be incredible, engaging and articulate speakers who are unafraid to speak their mind, on the most crucial topics connecting the futures of work and education.”

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Harappa is a learner-centered institution founded on the belief that, more than education, the purpose of education and training must be defined by learning and its application. The event will spark initiatives and conversations that will help bring academia and industry closer together by encouraging leaders in both fields to collaborate.

Bridge promises a razor-sharp, fearless, and thought-provoking agenda spanning the breadth of education-employment faultlines and delivered in six innovative, intimate formats.

Top academics, education experts, senior talent leaders and members of the C-suite can request an exclusive invitation for the event through the official website: https://harappa.education/bridge2.


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