Lockdown E-Pass in Uttar Pradesh: How to Apply Online for Travel in the State

Due to an increase in COVID-19 incidents, the lockdown in Uttar Pradesh has been extended until 10th May morning, and residents must now have an e-pass to travel during the lockdown. E-passes will be issued by the state government for both intra-district and inter-district travel. The government has released a notice outlining which critical service workers are free to travel after receiving a pass. The Uttar Pradesh government has added a new section to its official website to assist in the application process for an e-pass.

People employed in factories, medical supplies, e-commerce activities, medical emergencies, and print and electronic media, according to a notice released by the Uttar Pradesh government. The e-pass will be valid during the lockout, and obtaining one is as simple as filling out an online application form.

How to apply for e-pass during Uttar Pradesh lockdown

Uttar Pradesh Curfew E-Pass Online Form

Steps to Apply for Coronavirus Curfew Pass:

Step 1: First Visit the official website of  e-curfew pass https://rahat.up.nic.in/ .

Step 2: In Homepage, Click on “Apply Online Curfew e-Pass” option

Step 3: e-pass Online Form displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Enter your name, organization name, select kind of work, enter the mobile number, email ID, select type of vehicle, vehicle registration number, residence address, purpose, Adhar No., pass valid from and pass valid up to.

Step 6: Finally, Review & submit the application form by clicking the “Apply” button.

Save your User Name and Password for Track your Application and Download Epass.

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