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Telangana BJP Chief Predicts Absolute Majority for BJP

Telangana BJP Chief Predicts Absolute Majority for BJP

In a state where simmering anger against the ruling BRS is prevalent, the Telangana BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Chief, G Kishan Reddy, is confident that the BJP will secure a comfortable majority to form its first government in the state after the upcoming November 30 polls.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Reddy expressed his belief that the people of Telangana are looking for a change and have lost faith in both the BRS and Congress parties, whom they believe are in cahoots.

According to Mr Reddy, the anger and discontent among the people of Telangana towards the ruling BRS government are simmering and ready to explode like a volcano.

He states, “There is no question of a hung assembly because there is simmering anger against the BRS government.” 

The BJP Chief firmly believes that the Bharatiya Janata Party will achieve an absolute majority in the upcoming polls.

Request for Prime Minister Modi’s Participation

To further strengthen their chances of victory, the Telangana unit of the BJP has requested the central leadership to ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses four rallies in the state before the polls. 

Mr Reddy eagerly awaits a response from the central leadership regarding this request. The involvement of Prime Minister Modi is seen as a crucial factor in garnering support and gaining the trust of the people.

Mr Reddy emphasizes that the change that the people of Telangana desire will not come from the BRS or Congress parties. 

Even if the grand old party wins, there is a perception that some of its MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly) will join forces with the BRS.

Mr Reddy firmly believes that the change sought by the people can only be achieved through the BJP.

Impressive Performance of the BJP in Telangana

Although the BJP received only a seven percent vote share and won just one seat in the 2018 assembly polls, the party has made significant progress in Telangana.

It won two by-elections and performed exceptionally well in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation polls. 

Mr Reddy highlights that within four months after the assembly polls, the BJP resurged and won four Lok Sabha seats in 2019.

When questioned about the BJP’s confidence in forming a government despite their previous performance, Mr Reddy points out the failures of both the Congress and BRS governments. 

According to him, these governments failed to fulfill the aspirations of the people, including farmers, women, students, and government employees. 

He asserts that the BJP is the only party that has consistently fought for the causes of these segments of society.

The Allegation of “B Team”

Responding to Congress’ allegation that the BRS is a “B Team” of BJP, Mr Reddy dismisses it as the pot calling the kettle black. 

He highlights that it was these parties that fought elections in coalition and shared power in the past. Mr Reddy further highlights that the BRS even supported the opposition candidate in the last Presidential elections, further questioning the credibility of such allegations.

Regarding the departure of some prominent BJP leaders ahead of the polls, Mr Reddy assures that the party will not lose anything as it is a cadre-based and ideology-based party. 

He firmly believes that the BJP’s commitment to fulfilling the aspirations of the Backward Community, which constitutes 55 percent of the state’s population, will help them garner significant support.

Commitment to Empowering Scheduled Castes

Mr Reddy acknowledges the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and senior cabinet colleagues regarding the empowerment of the Madiga community, a Scheduled Caste community in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 

He refers to the Prime Minister’s promise to form a committee dedicated to empowering the Madigas and fulfilling their demand for the categorization of Scheduled Castes.

The BJP’s commitment to addressing the people’s grievances and fulfilling their aspirations has resonated with the people of Telangana, who are eager for a change.


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