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Sachin Pilot’s Appeal Ahead of Polls, Shared by Ashok Gehlot


As the state of Rajasthan gears up for the upcoming elections, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has taken a step towards maintaining harmony within the Congress party. 

In a surprising move, Gehlot shared a video appeal made by his rival and former deputy, Sachin Pilot, urging voters to support the ruling party.

This unexpected show of solidarity highlights the Congress’ concerted effort to present a united front and secure victory in the coming elections. 

A United Front for Victory

Amidst occasional feuds and political rivalries, the Congress party in Rajasthan is attempting to retain control of the state. 

However, they face a formidable challenge from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as well as the tradition of voters ousting the ruling party every five years.

 In an effort to ensure that the Congress remains in power, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot shared a video that features Sachin Pilot’s appeal to the electorate.

Sachin Pilot’s Appeal for the Congress

In the nearly two-minute video, Sachin Pilot addresses the voters, expressing confidence in the Congress’ ability to form the next government.

He emphasizes the need to break the longstanding trend of alternating between the BJP and the Congress every five years.

According to Pilot, it is vital for the state’s development and the fulfillment of the Congress’ promise of progress for all, that voters choose the Congress in the upcoming elections.

He urges the electorate to press the ‘hand’ symbol, representing the Congress party, on voting machines and ensure victory for all Congress candidates.

Sachin Pilot acknowledges that he may not have been able to visit every part of the state personally.

However, he earnestly appeals to the voters in those areas to bless Congress candidates. He believes that such a gesture will be a win for the people and prevent the BJP from hindering the welfare schemes that the Congress aims to initiate. 

With this appeal, Pilot hopes to garner support from all corners of the state and strengthen the Congress’ chances of success.

A Show of Unity Amidst Past Discord

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s decision to share Sachin Pilot’s appeal just a day before the polling is significant.

It underlines the Congress’ determination to present a united front despite the past animosity between Gehlot and Pilot. 

Their simmering feud once threatened to destabilize the party’s government, but prior to this election, Pilot released a statement urging forgiveness and reconciliation.

He declared that he had put the past behind him, following the advice of senior party member Mallikarjun Kharge. Gehlot’s sharing of Pilot’s appeal signifies a renewed sense of cooperation within the Congress party.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recognizing the potential disaffection among Congress voters, sought to sway them towards the BJP, specifically from the Gurjar community.

In response to Modi’s campaign in Bhilwara district, Sachin Pilot promptly dismissed the need for anyone other than his party and the public to worry about him. 

Gehlot also criticized the Prime Minister’s attempts to provoke the Gurjar community, citing historical incidents where Gurjars suffered under BJP rule.

The Road Ahead

Rajasthan will witness a single-phase election on Saturday, with the results set to be announced on December 3. 

The Congress faces the uphill task of retaining control of the state, fending off a strong challenge from the BJP, and overcoming the custom of electoral turnover every five years. 

The party’s latest display of unity, with Ashok Gehlot sharing Sachin Pilot’s appeal, is intended to bolster the Congress’ chances of reaffirming its position as the ruling party in Rajasthan.

Ashok Gehlot’s decision to share Sachin Pilot’s appeal ahead of the polls highlights the Congress’ resolve to present a united front in the face of staunch opposition. 

This unexpected collaboration shows that despite past differences, the Congress party is willing to set aside personal rivalries for the sake of victory. 

Rajasthan voters now hold the power to determine the future of the state, and the Congress hopes that their appeal will resonate and secure their place at the helm of Rajasthan’s governance once again.


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