Home Breaking News PM Narendra Modi Slams Congress’ ‘Appeasement’ Politics in Rajasthan

PM Narendra Modi Slams Congress’ ‘Appeasement’ Politics in Rajasthan

PM Narendra Modi Slams Congress’ ‘Appeasement’ Politics in Rajasthan

In a rally held in Barmer district of Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unleashed a scathing attack on the Congress government, accusing them of “appeasement” politics and asserting that the morale of terrorists and rioters is bolstered whenever the party is in power. 

Modi also highlighted the rampant corruption and deterioration of law and order in the state, urging voters to punish the Congress in the upcoming assembly elections.

Modi claimed that wherever the Congress comes to power, terrorists and criminals feel emboldened due to the party’s policy of appeasement.

He described how there are now slogans in support of terrorism in Rajasthan, which was once a peaceful state.

 Emphasizing that only the BJP can save Rajasthan’s culture and tradition, Modi urged the voters to choose wisely in the upcoming elections.

Congress’s Failure to Tackle Terrorism:

The Prime Minister pointed out that during the Congress’s rule at the Centre, the country witnessed regular terror attacks, yet the party did not respond harshly. Instead, they sought help from the international community without taking decisive action against the perpetrators.

In contrast, it was the BJP government that conducted surgical strikes in terrorists’ own backyards, as evident after the Uri and Pulwama terror attacks.

Modi criticized the Ashok Gehlot-led government for the deterioration of law and order in Rajasthan. He highlighted that in the last five years, there have been incidents of riots, stone-pelting, and curfews, preventing peaceful celebrations of festivals. 

Curfews have adversely affected the livelihoods of laborers and compelled traders to shut their shops. 

The Prime Minister stressed the urgency of removing the Congress government from Rajasthan to ensure the well-being of its citizens.

Allegations of Corruption

Taking a swipe at the state government, Modi referred to the controversial “red diary” which allegedly contains details of corruption and unscrupulous transactions in the Rajasthan Cricket Association. 

Despite Gehlot’s denial, a sacked minister named Rajendra Gudha made public three pages of the diary, reinforcing corruption claims. 

Modi questioned whether any Congress candidate should win the election after these revelations, and demanded punishment for such a government involved in loot.

Modi vowed to continue the crackdown on corruption and paper leaks, disregarding the curses from the chief minister. He assured that actions against those involved in corruption will persist, and the guilty will have to return what they have looted. 

The government’s relentless efforts against corruption reflect the BJP’s dedication to creating a clean and transparent system for the welfare of the people.

Congress’s Response:

In response to Modi’s accusations, the Congress dismissed his claims as a “false narrative.” They argued that the BJP had done little to ease inflation, while the Congress government had organized relief camps for the people of Rajasthan.

Referring to a supposed pink diary, the Congress highlighted the 10 guarantees they had made for the welfare of the people. However, the controversy surrounding the “red diary” and corruption allegations remains a significant issue in the current political landscape.

As the battle for power intensifies in Rajasthan, the state witnesses a fierce competition between the BJP and the Congress

While the desert state traditionally votes out the incumbent every five years, Congress chief minister Ashok Gehlot is hoping to secure another term by leveraging welfare schemes and exploiting factionalism within the BJP. 

Nevertheless, the opposition party remains confident that Modi’s popularity and track record will sway voters to their side. 

The upcoming assembly elections will determine the fate of Rajasthan and its governance for the next term.


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