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PM Modi Slams Congress for Crime Surge in Rajasthan

In a scathing attack on the Congress government in Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the party of allowing a surge in crimes and riots due to its policy of appeasement. 

Addressing a rally in Bharatpur, PM Modi criticized Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot for his failure to maintain law and order in the state. 

With assembly polls approaching, PM Modi confidently predicted a blow to the Congress in the upcoming elections.

Congress and the Rise in Crimes

PM Modi highlighted the alarming increase in crimes and corruption under the Congress regime in Rajasthan. 

He emphasized that the state had become a leader in corruption, riots, and crimes during the past five years.

The people of Rajasthan, disillusioned by the Congress government’s mismanagement, have decided to reject it in the upcoming elections.

One of PM Modi’s key accusations against the Congress was its policy of appeasement, which he claimed allowed criminal elements to prosper.

He argued that wherever the Congress came into power, terrorists, criminals, and rioters were let loose. 

The party’s relentless pursuit of appeasement, at the cost of the people’s safety, has undermined law and order in Rajasthan.

Crimes against Women and Dalits

PM Modi also drew attention to the alarming rise in crimes against women and Dalits in Rajasthan. 

He lamented that the people of the state were unable to celebrate festivals peacefully due to rampant riots, stone pelting, and curfews.

The confidence of women in Rajasthan has been shattered under the Congress government’s watch. 

PM Modi questioned the Chief Minister’s ability to protect women, stating that a leader who cannot ensure the safety of his citizens should not remain in power for even a minute.

Taking a jibe at Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, PM Modi referred to him as a “jadugar” (magician) and predicted that the Congress would disappear from the state after the elections. 

The ironic reference to Gehlot’s previous career as a professional magician added a touch of humor to the rally. PM Modi urged the people of Rajasthan to vote wisely and end the Congress’ reign of misrule in the state.

A Bitter Blow for Congress

As the elections in Rajasthan draw closer, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scathing criticism of the Congress government’s failures in the state has struck a chord with the people. 

The surge in crimes and riots, coupled with the party’s policy of appeasement, has eroded the trust and confidence of the electorate. 

PM Modi’s strong words and prediction of an electoral blow are likely to resonate with the voters. The Congress, once a dominant force in Rajasthan, now faces an uphill battle to regain the trust of the people.



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