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Congress’s Bold Promise of Caste Survey in Rajasthan’s Poll Strategy

Congress’s Bold Promise of Caste Survey in Rajasthan’s Poll Strategy

In a bid to address the concerns of marginalized sections in Rajasthan, the Congress party has made a bold promise in its manifesto for the upcoming assembly elections.

The party has pledged to conduct a comprehensive caste survey if it returns to power on November 25. 

This move aims to gather data on the caste composition of the state’s population and use it as a tool for targeted welfare schemes and policies. 

Caste Survey: A Step towards Inclusive Governance

The Congress party’s focus on conducting a caste survey in Rajasthan showcases its commitment to inclusive governance.

By collecting data on the caste composition of the population, the party aims to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by different caste groups. 

This information can then be used to design targeted welfare schemes that address the socioeconomic disparities prevalent in the state.

The Congress manifesto for Rajasthan’s assembly elections emphasizes the party’s commitment to uplift marginalized sections of society.

Under its proposed employment scheme, the party plans to create job opportunities at the panchayat level. This move can potentially empower rural communities and provide avenues for economic growth.

Additionally, the manifesto promises to provide cooking gas cylinders at a subsidised rate of ₹400 to beneficiaries of the Ujjwala scheme. 

This initiative aims to alleviate the burden of households in accessing clean cooking fuel, especially for women and marginalized communities.

Tackling Educational Malpractices

Another significant aspect of the Congress’s manifesto is its commitment to combatting educational malpractices, particularly the menace of paper leaks. 

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has promised to introduce legislation to address this issue effectively. 

By ensuring fair and transparent examination processes, the Congress aims to promote merit-based opportunities and level the playing field for aspiring students.

The Congress party also plans to enhance access to quality healthcare in the state. In its manifesto, the party pledges to double the amount provided to beneficiaries under the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, raising it from ₹25 lakh to ₹50 lakh. 

This move aims to ease the financial burden on families during medical emergencies and ensure that they receive the necessary treatment without worrying about exorbitant costs.

Transparent Governance and Promoting Employment

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, in his address at the manifesto launch event, reiterated the party’s commitment to transparency in governance.

He assured the people of Rajasthan that the Congress would fulfill the promises made in the manifesto, stressing that delivering on 90 percent of commitments would still be a significant achievement for the party and the state.

Furthermore, the Congress has set a target of creating 10 lakh jobs in Rajasthan over the next five years. 

This ambitious plan aims to provide employment opportunities for the youth and boost the state’s economy.

The Congress party’s promise of conducting a caste survey in Rajasthan’s upcoming assembly elections underscores its commitment to inclusive governance and targeted welfare policies. 

By addressing the specific needs of marginalized sections, the party aims to bridge socioeconomic disparities and promote holistic development across the state. 

Additionally, the manifesto highlights the party’s focus on healthcare, education, and employment generation, promising an overall upliftment of Rajasthan’s population. 

As voters evaluate the various promises made by political parties, only time will tell if the Congress’s bold strategy resonates with the electorate and translates into votes on November 25.


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