Home Breaking News Congress Unveils ‘Minority Declaration’ as Telangana Election Looms

Congress Unveils ‘Minority Declaration’ as Telangana Election Looms

Congress Unveils ‘Minority Declaration’ as Telangana Election Looms

The upcoming assembly elections in Telangana have brought the spotlight on the issue of minority welfare.

In a bid to secure the support of minority communities, the Telangana Congress has released a “Minority Declaration” outlining its commitments towards their upliftment. 

This move is aimed at addressing the concerns and aspirations of backward classes, particularly minorities, in areas such as education, employment, and government schemes.

The “Minority Declaration” by the Congress promises to ensure fair reservation for all backward classes, including minorities, in jobs, education, and government schemes. 

This commitment acknowledges the need to bridge the existing gaps and provide equal opportunities for all sections of society.

By prioritizing reservation, the Congress aims to create a level playing field for the marginalized communities.

Boosting Minority Welfare through Increased Budget Allocation

As part of its pledge towards minority welfare, the Telangana Congress has vowed to increase the budget allocation up to ₹4,000 crore annually. 

This significant increase in funding aims to provide much-needed financial resources for the upliftment of minority communities. 

It reflects the party’s commitment to addressing the socio-economic disparities faced by these communities and ensuring their overall development.

The Congress has also promised to conduct a caste census within six months after coming to power if elected in the November 30 assembly polls.

This initiative holds immense importance as it will enable the government to gather accurate data about the socio-economic status of different castes and communities. 

The data obtained through this census will play a crucial role in formulating targeted policies and initiatives to address the specific needs and challenges faced by minority groups.

Subsidized Loans for Jobless Minority Youth and Women

To alleviate the financial burden on jobless minority youth and women, the Congress has pledged ₹1,000 crore per annum to provide subsidized loans. 

This contribution aims to empower the unemployed individuals from minority communities by providing them with the necessary support to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. By facilitating access to capital, the Congress seeks to enable the minority youth and women to become self-reliant and economically empowered.

The Congress has also introduced the Abdul Kalam Taufa-e-Taleem Scheme, which offers financial assistance of ₹5 lakh to Muslim, Christian, Sikh, and other minority youths upon completing M.Phil and Ph.D. programs. 

This initiative reflects the party’s commitment to promoting higher education among minority communities.

By providing financial support, the Congress aims to encourage minorities to pursue advanced degrees and contribute to the development of the state.

Monthly Honorarium for Religious Leaders

Recognizing the valuable role played by religious leaders in fostering harmony and spirituality, the Congress has pledged a monthly honorarium of ₹10,000 to ₹12,000 for priests of all religions. 

This gesture reflects the party’s commitment to acknowledging the contributions of religious leaders across different faiths.

By providing a stable source of income, this honorarium seeks to support these individuals in carrying out their religious duties and serving their respective communities.

The Congress has announced its intention to conduct special recruitment drives to fill Urdu medium teaching positions, acknowledging the importance of preserving and promoting Urdu as a language. 

Additionally, the party plans to establish the “Telangana Sikh Minority Finance Corporation” to address the specific needs of the Sikh minority community. 

These initiatives reflect the Congress’ recognition of the diverse needs and aspirations of different minority communities.

Providing Housing Support and Financial Assistance to Newly Wed Couples

The “Minority Declaration” also includes provisions to provide housing support to houseless minority communities. 

It promises to allocate sites and offer ₹5 lakh for the construction of houses for those in need. Furthermore, the Congress has committed to providing ₹1.6 lakh as financial assistance to newly wed couples belonging to minority communities. 

These measures aim to provide stability and support to minority families and ensure a dignified livelihood for all.


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