Home Breaking News A Big Stain on Ashok Gehlot Government: PM Modi on Kanhaiya Lal’s Murder

A Big Stain on Ashok Gehlot Government: PM Modi on Kanhaiya Lal’s Murder

A Big Stain on Ashok Gehlot Government: PM Modi on Kanhaiya Lal’s Murder

In a recent rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the ruling Congress government in Rajasthan of sympathizing with terrorists. 

He highlighted the case of Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor who was brutally murdered last year, as a big stain on the state government. 

PM Modi also mentioned the increase in crime and corruption during Congress rule. 

Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor in Udaipur, was murdered on June 28, 2020, by two cleaver-wielding men who accused him of insulting Islam. 

This gruesome act was recorded and shared online by the perpetrators. Prime Minister Modi referred to this incident as a big stain on the state government, emphasizing the Congress’ sympathies towards terrorists. 

He alleged that terrorist organizations like the Popular Front of India (PFI) were flourishing in the state due to the government’s leniency.

Congress Government’s Alleged Ban on Religious Processions

Prime Minister Modi also claimed that under the Congress rule, Ram Navami processions and Kanwar Yatras were banned. 

This restriction on religious activities further established his argument that the government was not providing a conducive environment for the people of Rajasthan to practice their faith freely.

During his speech, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the increase in corruption and crime in Rajasthan over the past five years.

He accused the Congress of using corruption as a means to fill its coffers, stating that it is an integral part of the party’s functioning. 

The prime minister also condemned the Congress government for failing to protect women, Dalits, and the underprivileged in the state. 

He promised that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is committed to eliminating the prevailing ‘gunda raj’ (rule of goons) in Rajasthan.

The Congress Government’s Failed Promises

Prime Minister Modi criticized the Congress government for wasting five years in power, claiming that they were preoccupied with internal power struggles.

He referred to the party’s ‘Jhunjhuna’ (bell) of fake announcements, with each promise turning out to be deceiving.

The prime minister specifically mentioned the Congress’ failure to provide relief to the middle class, instead burdening them with record taxes on petrol and diesel. 

He also criticized the government for not fulfilling its promise of subsidizing electricity bills, which has led to an increased financial burden on the people of Rajasthan.

In contrast to the Congress government’s alleged corruption, Prime Minister Modi assured the audience that the BJP would take strict action against every corrupt individual when they come into power. 

He vowed to hold accountable those who have looted Rajasthan and ensure their return of ill-gotten gains. 

The prime minister also addressed the issue of the ‘red diary,’ which supposedly contains details of non-legal financial transactions involving Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and others. He stated that all such ‘diaries’ would be exposed and investigated thoroughly.

Building a Stronger Rajasthan

Prime Minister Modi stressed the importance of overall development in Rajasthan and expressed the need for a double-engine government to achieve it. 

He mentioned various development works carried out by the central government in the state and encouraged people to buy Indian products to support local artisans. 

The prime minister’s words aimed to instill a sense of pride in the people of Rajasthan and encourage them to contribute to the growth of their state.


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