United States and Britain Urge India to Reconsider Diplomatic Actions

The United States and Britain have called on India to reconsider its diplomatic actions after Canada withdrew 41 diplomats amid a dispute over the murder of a Sikh separatist. The incident has strained relations between India and Canada, with allegations of Indian involvement in the murder of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar. While India denies the allegations, both the US and Britain have expressed concern and urged India not to insist on reducing Canada’s diplomatic presence.

Concerns over Diplomatic Presence

The US State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, voiced concern over the departure of Canadian diplomats from India. He emphasized the importance of resolving differences through diplomatic means, highlighting the need for diplomats on the ground. The US expects India to uphold its obligations under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, including respecting the privileges and immunities enjoyed by members of Canada’s diplomatic mission.Washington and London have urged India to cooperate with Canada in the murder investigation. While Western powers have been cautious about openly condemning India, both the US and Britain have expressed disapproval of the decisions taken by the Indian government. They emphasize the significance of maintaining diplomatic ties with India, but also stress the need for India to cooperate fully with Canada’s ongoing investigation.

Balance of Power in Asia

Analysts believe that the US and UK’s reluctance to openly criticize India stems from their view of India as a counterbalance to China, their main Asian rival. The strategic importance of maintaining good relations with India is evident, as both nations are cautious not to damage ties with a country that could tip the scale of power in Asia. However, the recent statements from the US State Department and Britain’s Foreign Office mark the most direct criticism of India in this case thus far.The spokesperson for Britain’s Foreign Office expressed disagreement with the decisions taken by the Indian government, which resulted in the departure of Canadian diplomats. The Foreign Office also referenced the Vienna Convention, stating that the unilateral removal of privileges and immunities that ensure the safety and security of diplomats is contradictory to the principles and effective functioning of the convention.

Canada’s Response

In response to India’s demand to reduce its diplomatic presence, Canada has temporarily suspended in-person operations at consulates in several Indian cities.It has also warned of potential delays in visa processing. Canada’s withdrawal of diplomats and its ongoing actions highlight the seriousness with which it views the allegations surrounding the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.As tensions escalate between India and Canada over the murder of a Sikh separatist, the United States and Britain have urged India to reconsider its diplomatic actions. While both nations acknowledge the importance of maintaining diplomatic ties with India, they emphasize the need for India to cooperate fully with Canada’s ongoing investigation. The situation highlights the delicate balance of power in Asia and the cautious approach Western powers take when addressing sensitive issues with India.




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