Home Breaking News Rajasthan Caste Survey Orders Set the Stage for Assembly Elections

Rajasthan Caste Survey Orders Set the Stage for Assembly Elections

Rajasthan Caste Survey Orders Set the Stage for Assembly Elections

The recent order issued by the Rajasthan government to conduct a caste survey in the state has significant implications for the upcoming assembly elections. 

Following in the footsteps of Bihar, Rajasthan will be the second state in India to undertake such a population count. 

With the ruling Congress party leading the initiative, this move aims to gather crucial information about the social, economic, and educational levels of its citizens.

The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, with the approval of the state cabinet, issued the order for the caste survey. 

The survey will be conducted by the Rajasthan government using its own resources, with the Department of Planning (Economic and Statistics) serving as the nodal department for the task. 

The survey’s objective is to collect accurate data regarding the various castes, their social status, economic conditions, and education levels in the state.

Importance of the Caste Survey

The release of the caste survey findings in Bihar drew attention to the significant role played by the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs) in the state’s population. 

This revelation has sparked interest among political parties, particularly the opposition INDIA bloc. 

The opposition views the nationwide caste census as a crucial agenda that could impact the forthcoming elections, especially in the Hindi heartland where caste politics holds sway.

The Congress Party, which is a part of the INDIA bloc and also holds power in Bihar, recognizes the potential benefits of conducting a caste survey in Rajasthan. 

This move is expected to increase the party’s chances of consolidating its vote bank and securing a stronger foothold in the upcoming elections.

Relevance of Caste Politics in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, like many other states in India, has a long history of caste-based politics. 

The caste survey order signifies the acknowledgment of the importance of caste dynamics in the state. 

By conducting this survey, the government aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the socio-economic status of the different castes, which will inform the formulation of policies targeted towards empowerment and inclusive development.

While the order does not specify a specific timeline for the conduct of the caste survey, it is expected to commence in the near future, aligning with the urgency of the upcoming assembly elections.

However, implementing such a massive survey poses certain logistical challenges. Ensuring the effective collection of accurate data from all corners of the state demands meticulous planning, organization, and resource allocation.

The caste survey order issued by the Rajasthan government sets the stage for the upcoming assembly elections in the state. 

As Rajasthan embarks on this comprehensive population count, the results will undoubtedly shape the political landscape and define the course of action for the elections to come.


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