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PM Modi’s Plea for Peace in the Israel-Hamas Conflict

PM Modi’s Plea for Peace in the Israel-Hamas Conflict

In the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a heartfelt plea for peace and brotherhood. 

Addressing the ninth G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit in New Delhi, he emphasized that terrorism, in any form and anywhere in the world, goes against humanity. 

Modi urged for a united approach to move forward together and remove obstacles that hinder global trust.

His remarks come at a crucial time as tensions escalate due to recent attacks by Hamas on Israeli towns.

India’s Experience with Cross-border Terrorism

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the issue of cross-border terrorism that India has been facing for many years. 

He acknowledged the thousands of innocent lives that have been lost and stressed the global challenge that terrorism poses. Modi emphasized that terrorism, in any manifestation, is against humanity. 

He expressed his sadness over the lack of consensus on the definition of terrorism, which allows enemies of humanity to take advantage of the situation. The Prime Minister called for international collaboration and cooperation in combating terrorism.

Modi also spoke proudly of India’s G20 presidency and the festivities it brought throughout the year. He mentioned India’s recent achievement of landing on the moon, which added to the celebrations.

The Prime Minister extended an invitation to all P20 delegates to witness India’s upcoming general elections, highlighting the scale and importance of the democratic process in India. 

He commended the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), which have increased transparency and efficiency in the election process.

The Power of Dialogue and Deliberation

Drawing upon India’s rich history of debates and discussions, Modi emphasized the importance of dialogue and deliberation in shaping effective governance.

He referred to ancient Indian texts, spanning over 5,000 years, which espouse the value of such systems. This historical legacy, combined with India’s modern advancements, has paved the way for progress and development.

The P20 Summit, attended by Speakers of Parliaments from G20 member countries and invitees, witnessed a significant milestone with the participation of the Pan-African Parliament for the first time. 

This inclusion reflects the growing recognition of the African Union’s role in global affairs. The thematic sessions of the summit are focused on key subjects such as digital platforms for public welfare, women-led development, accelerating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and transitioning towards sustainable energy.

A Call for Unity and Peace

Prime Minister Modi’s plea for peace and brotherhood in the Israel-Hamas conflict carries immense significance in the current global climate. 

His call for a human-centric approach and consensus on combating terrorism underscores the need for collective action. By sharing India’s experience with cross-border terrorism, Modi has further highlighted the urgency of addressing this pressing issue.

As the world faces complex challenges, it is crucial for nations to come together, remove obstacles, and advance hand in hand towards peace and prosperity.


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