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PM Modi’s ‘Bharat’ Message Echoes at G20 Summit

PM Modi’s ‘Bharat’ Message Echoes at G20 Summit

At the G20 Summit Opening, an unexpected surprise awaited world leaders. Replacing the country’s colloquially popularized name ‘India’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nameplate read ‘Bharat’. 

This striking message staged a subtle power play that sparked not only a political row, but also unveiled a speculated agenda behind the special parliamentary session due this month.

A Sudden Shift from India

The decision to replace India with Bharat on the invitation extended by President Droupadi Murmu to world leaders has unleashed a political storm.

In a G20 booklet designed exclusively for foreign delegates, you find “Bharat, The Mother Of Democracy” emblazoned across the cover. 

The booklet includes a revealing statement stating, ‘Bharat’ is the official name of the country, as defined and stipulated in the constitution and the intense discussions of 1946-48.

Thus, standing in direct confrontation to the contradictory statements made by India bloc members.

Opposition’s Uproar

The Opposition has unleashed a vigorous attack against the center over this unexpected name call. 

Members of the INDIA bloc have contrived allegations stating the Narendra Modi government is “distorting history and dividing India”. 

In a sharp counter attack, BJP leaders have dismissed accusations of being anti-national and anti-constitutional thrown at them by the Opposition. 

They argue, referencing Article 1 of the Constitution, highlighting the nation’s official name as stated within it.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan backed this up by pronouncing, ‘Bharat’ should have been accepted earlier. He described it as a big statement counteracting the colonial mindset. 

“This should have happened earlier. It gives me great satisfaction. ‘Bharat’ is our introduction and we are proud of it.”

Modi’s ‘Bharat’ message echoed widely at the G20 Summit opening, unveiling a subtle power play in the process. 

This name-swapping incident has triggered a remarkable political discourse, stirring up many diverse interpretations.


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