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India-Saudi Alliance: The Cornerstone of Global Stability

India-Saudi Alliance: The Cornerstone of Global Stability

One of the most significant global alliances today is the India-Saudi partnership, reinforcing not just the geopolitical landscape of Asia but the world at large.

“India-Saudi partnership is crucial for stability and welfare of the world,” says PM Narendra Modi on Prince Salman’s recent visit to India.

This is the cornerstone of our focus today. On Prince Salman’s three-day tour, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Narendra Modi held crucial discussions on trade, economy, defense, and cultural cooperation. 

In-depth Discussions

During the high-profile meeting, a first of its kind under the Strategic Partnership Council signed in Riyadh in 2019, PM Modi was clear about the position of Saudi Arabia to India. 

He emphasized, “For India, Saudi Arabia counts as one of its closest and biggest strategic partners”.

The world’s progress lies not just in the hands of a single country but in partnerships and alliances, making the world more stable and economically prosperous. 

This agreement, as PM Modi emphasized, is not just for the two countries but also for regional welfare and global stability.

This was Prince Salman’s second state visit, extending the cordial and cooperative relations between the two countries. The Saudi Arabian Crown Prince began his day at Rashtrapati Bhavan and then proceeded to his meeting with PM Modi at Hyderabad House.

G20 Summit Outcome

The G20 Summit was a game-changer, where Saudi Arabia was one of the signatories to the ambitious India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. 

This corridor is a key factor in providing economic growth, digital connectivity, and enhancing political alliances between Asia, West Asia and Europe.

India and Saudi Arabia share long-lasting ties that extend far beyond trade and economics. As of fiscal year 2022-23, the volume of trade between these countries reached an all-time high of $52.75 billion.

This relationship is unique due to the deep cultural, economic, and defense interests shared between the two nations. 

The efforts under Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision 2030’ initiative, an extensive nationwide reform program for Saudi Arabia’s development, were also appreciated by PM Modi.

In essence, the ties between India and Saudi Arabia are not just strategic but also embody mutual trust and understanding. 

This alliance is a cornerstone of global stability, with both nations propelling each other towards a more stable, secure and prosperous future.


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