Home Breaking News China on G20 Summit: ‘Positive Signal’ for Global Economic Recovery

China on G20 Summit: ‘Positive Signal’ for Global Economic Recovery

China on G20 Summit: ‘Positive Signal’ for Global Economic Recovery

The recently concluded G20 Summit hosted by India concluded on a high note this past Sunday. The consensus declaration adopted by the participants has widely been seen as a major diplomatic win for India. 

The declaration managed to bridge significant differences, particularly tender issues around the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

Indeed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for the end of the “global trust deficit” has resonated powerfully with member nations.

Breakthrough in Silence

For the first time since the summit’s conclusion, China has broken its silence. 

Its stance? The adopted Delhi Declaration is a “positive signal.” 

It represents a touchstone moment showing the G20 is actively “working together” to mitigate global tribulations and boot up global economic recovery.

The Chinese foreign ministry’s first comment on the summit highlighted the positive outcome. Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning articulated that the leaders’ declaration reflects a powerful driver in global discourse—China’s proposition. 

This can be summarized as acting in concrete ways through partnerships to address global challenges and ramp up world economic recovery and global development.

“China’s stance on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear,” Mao states.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Ukraine

Mao noted that the G20’s declaration results from a consensus reached through consultation, reflecting a shared understanding of all members. 

She further reiterated that the summit is fundamentally a forum for international economic cooperation rather than a platform to solve geopolitical and security squabbles.

When pressed about China’s position on the conflict in Ukraine, Mao underscored their belief that ultimate resolution lies not in espousing the outmoded Cold War mentality.

Rather, the focus should be on taking due cognizance of and giving respect to all sides’ legitimate security concerns and inducing a political solution through dialogue and negotiation.

China’s chief aim, Mao said, remains the promotion of peace negotiations and work in concert with the global community to achieve a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. 


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