Home Breaking News An Unquestionable Triumph: US Lauds India’s Stellar Success at G20 Summit

An Unquestionable Triumph: US Lauds India’s Stellar Success at G20 Summit

An Unquestionable Triumph: US Lauds India’s Stellar Success at G20 Summit

The recently concluded G20 Leaders’ Summit, hosted by India, has received high praise from the United States. 

This event marks a notable triumph not just for India, but for the G20 as a whole. 

“Absolutely Believe It Was A Success”: US Praises India For G20 Summit

In a press briefing, the US State Department official spokesperson, Matthew Miller emphasized, “We absolutely believe it was a success.” 

This commendation was not just for India’s effective presidency but for the joint efforts of all G20 nations as well.

The backbone of the G20 is its diversified member composition, including nations such as Russia and China. 

Such a mix is crucial for a robust dialogue on significant global challenges. It asserts the organization’s capability to issue statements upholding the principles of territorial integrity, sovereignty, and adherence to international law – principles directly countered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

G20’s Stance on Ukraine War

Without explicitly mentioning Russia, the G20 nations in the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration maintained that any use or threat of nuclear weapons is unacceptable. 

It was a potent reminder to all member states to respect the territorial integrity of other nations.

Such a global consensus underscores the gravity of the situation and reinforces that each nation’s actions have global ramifications.

G20: Not Just for Economic Discussions

The G20’s primary purpose is international economic cooperation. However, the New Delhi Declaration reiterated how geopolitical and security issues, though not a primary focus of the G20, could significantly impact the global economy.

A crucial aspect of the G20 members’ call to action was the upholding of international law principles, notably territorial integrity and sovereignty, and international humanitarian law. 

The underlying spirit of the declaration is clear – seeking peaceful resolutions, diplomacy and dialogue, and addressing crises that impact global stability and economic health.

Hosting the G20 Summit: A Milestone for India

This was the first time India hosted the G20 summit, and it was a grand affair indeed. 

Apart from presenting a vibrant depiction of India’s traditions and strengths, the nation used its presidency to spotlight key aspects – inclusive growth, digital innovation, climate resilience, and global health access.

India’s successful hosting of the G20 Leaders’ Summit is more than just an individual achievement.

It is a testament to the nation’s standing on the global platform and her commitment to fostering dialogue on complex challenges the world is grappling with.

The US applauding India’s role adds an extra feather to the cap, further establishing India’s competence on the international stage.


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