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Unveiling the Vision: PM Modi’s Groundbreaking Statements

Unveiling the Vision: PM Modi’s Groundbreaking Statements

This year we celebrate the 77th Independence Day, marking the finale of the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, an initiative launched by the government. 

In his groundbreaking statement, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today unfurled the national tricolor at Delhi’s Red Fort and shared his vision for our nation. Amidst the grandeur, he addressed powerful and important matters.

PM’s Concern Over Violence in Manipur

Opening his speech subtly, PM Modi expressed deep concern over recent violence in Manipur, emphasizing the essence of unity as a nation. He voiced how our perseverance and strength led to the slow restoration of peace. 

Breaking from his traditional oratory style, PM Modi referred to India’s 140 crore citizens as his ‘parivarjan’ (family members). This fresh approach underscores his vision of unity and his commitment to the citizens, painting a picture of ‘one nation, one family.’

Highlighting the government’s accomplishment, PM Modi underlined the various efforts made to empower citizens and develop the nation. He assured that India would become the third-largest global economy in the next five years, a promise from ‘Modi’s guarantee’.

Demography, Democracy, and Diversity – Triveni of India

The PM then highlighted the significance of ‘Demography, Democracy, and Diversity’ – the Triveni for fulfilling dreams of the nation. Can these factors really lead to national development? Undoubtedly the answer is a resonating yes, as they are the backbone of any thriving nation.

Shedding light on poverty alleviation, he mentioned that over 13.5 crore Indians have risen from poverty to join the middle classes in the past five years. He confidently stated that by our 100th Independence Day in 2047, India would stand as a developed nation.

The Day at Red Fort

The Red Fort saw PM Modi received by top defense officials while two Advanced Light Helicopters Mark-III Dhruv showered flower petals upon the hoisting of the flag. Around 1,800 individuals from varied professions were invited as special guests. 

The government continued its ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ initiative, encouraging citizens to hoist the national flag at their homes. Also, there was an interesting online selfie contest organized by the Defense ministry on the MyGov portal.

The Independence Day celebrations observed strict security measures. The deployment of high-tech facial recognition cameras, anti-drone systems and ample police personnel ensured smooth proceedings.

This year’s Independence Day speech by PM Modi unveiled a vision of unity, development and faith. A message of strength and hope as India continues its journey, working together as one big family to achieve dreams.


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