Home Breaking News Unite for Peace: Manipur CM’s Stirring Call to End Violence

Unite for Peace: Manipur CM’s Stirring Call to End Violence

Unite for Peace: Manipur CM’s Stirring Call to End Violence

The tranquility of Manipur met an unfortunate disruption on May 3, firstly breaking out among the Kuki and Metei communities.

A devastating consequence, nearly 160 precious lives diminished into nothingness unto the face of violence. Moreover, the horror was amplified with over 50,000 people uprooted from their homes, leaving their lives in disarray. 

So, what led to this destruction? An inexcusable act illustrated in a video dated May 4, showcasing women paraded naked, left every spectator appalled. Shared widely across social media platforms, it fanned the flames of already escalating tensions in the Northeastern state.

CM Singh’s Inspiring Message: ‘Restore Peace and Normalcy’

Manipur’s Chief Minister, N Biren Singh, implied a powerful initiative on August 15, calling for an abrupt end to violence. 

On the auspicious occasion of the 77th Independence Day, right after hoisting the National Flag at the First Manipur Parade Ground, he urged his fellow countrymen to restore peace and normalcy. “I appeal to all to end violence and live together peacefully as before,” shared an optimistic Singh.

He believes in the power a united front can weave and how it affects a revolutionary change in resolving conflicts.

Singh believes that the National Flag is not only a textile imbibed with saffron, white, and green but a symbol of unity, diversity, and an unparalleled commitment towards a promising future for every countrymen.

He seeks to utilize this symbol as an inspiration for building a peaceful Manipur. 

PM Modi’s Endeavour for Harmony

Echoing Singh’s aspirations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a touching appeal from the iconic Red Fort during his I-Day speech.

“The whole country stands with the people of Manipur. Peace is the only way to resolve all disputes,” declared Modi, reaffirming the nationwide support for Manipur’s predicament. 

Every effort is being made by the Centre and Manipur government to restore peace in the state. As many have borne witness, violence breeds nothing but suffering and loss. When we stand at the brink of such devastation, it is a dire call to unite for peace. On the lines of CM Singh’s stirring Independence Day message, let us all work towards a common goal – to end violence and sew together the fabric of peace.


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