Promise of Tranquility: PM Modi’s Assurance of Impending Peace Amidst Manipur Crisis

In a time of social and political unrest, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assurance to the nation has brought a beacon of hope. Speaking about the ongoing strife in Manipur, the leading statesman acknowledged the state’s pain and promised imminent peace. 

During his address, the prime minister heavily criticised the opposition for their response to the Manipur crisis. It was during his critical speech about the situation in Manipur that opposition MPs staged a walkout. 

The prime minister was adamant about placing the welfare of the nation over political gains. He condemned the actions of the opposition, implying they were merely playing politics over the Manipur crisis.

The Promise of Support and Peace

PM Modi assured the people of violence-stricken Manipur that the whole country stands with them. Understanding the gravity of the situation, he reiterated his pledge to work hard in collaboration with others to restore peace soon.

 “The centre is working hard to give the harshest punishment to those involved in crimes in the Manipur violence. The country is with you. Together, we will navigate this hardship and ensure peace returns,” PM Modi proclaimed.

Firing another set of criticisms, PM Modi specified that the northeastern region, particularly Manipur, has suffered the most during the rule of the Congress Party. Shining a light on political failings, he highlighted that Manipur has given much, but received little in terms of recognition and reciprocated support.

 “There was a time in Manipur when everything used to be run by insurgents. Whose government was it that time?” PM Modi asked, eliciting a unanimous response from NDA MPs chanting “Congress, Congress”.

PM Modi’s strong words not only exposed the insurgent crisis in Manipur but also promised a course of action. He pledged to steer Manipur back onto the path of development, negating any debilitation the state might have suffered due to ethnic violence.

The emphasis placed on severe punishment for the offenders can be seen as a strong statement acting as a deterrent for potential future unrest. As we continue to cover this unfolding saga, the hope for stability, development and peace in Manipur grows stronger with every passing day.




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