Home Breaking News PM Modi Prepares for Participation in Upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa

PM Modi Prepares for Participation in Upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa

PM Modi Prepares for Participation in Upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has secured his place in the upcoming 15th BRICS Summit, set to take place in South Africa from August 22nd to August 24th. 

Following an official announcement from the Ministry of External Affairs, a wave of anticipation has swept across India and indeed the globe, as we eagerly watch this dynamic world leader prepare to step onto the international stage once more.

Notable sub-events, which Prime Minister Modi will be attending, include the BRICS Africa Outreach and the BRICS Plus Dialogue.

Attending the BRICS Summit: A New Chapter in International Diplomacy

After a long stretch of virtual meetings due to global pandemic restrictions, the summit will mark the first in-person BRICS Summit since 2019. 

The members of this powerful economic bloc – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – are poised to discuss important global issues. There will be high-profile meetings, including one highly anticipated tête-à-tête between PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

The summit presents an unparalleled opportunity to review the progress made by the BRICS bloc, launch fresh initiatives, and chart a roadmap for future activities. 

The BRICS Plus Dialogue

The offshoot event – the BRICS Plus Dialogue – broadens the platform to include non-BRICS countries. The aim is to facilitate discussions around possible expansion of the group. 

As the sun sets on Friday, the curtain rose on a clear insight into what this meeting intends to achieve. 

PM Modi held a telephonic conversation with Iran’s President, Dr. Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi. Iran’s keen interest for “accelerated membership” came to the fore, fuelling speculations about potential new members being announced at the Johannesburg summit.

An Indian PM Returns to Greece after Four Decades

From the African continent, PM Modi’s journey will take him to the European nation of Greece on August 25th.

The two countries have deep-rooted civilizational ties that have ramped up in recent years. Maritime transport, defense, trade & investments, and people-to-people ties form the cornerstone of this bilateral relationship. 

PM Modi is slated to meet business leaders of both countries, interact with the Indian diaspora, and engage in a range of diplomatic activities aimed at furthering this relationship.

PM Modi’s imminent journey to South Africa and later to Greece, therefore, holds a kaleidoscope of diplomatic engagement, economic discourse, and promising collaborations.


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